Understanding the Difference between Data Science and Machine Learning

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data science and machine learning

Understanding the difference between Data Science and Machine learning is a challenging task because both of these are closely related. You have heard these terminologies many times earlier, but you need to study them in detail to understand their difference. Here in this article, we highlighted the main differences and similarities between both Machine learning and Data Science to make you understand these better. 

Data Science and Machine Learning – What do they both do?

Data Science

As the name suggests, data science includes all the tools, techniques, and technologies required to process data and later use it for various other purposes. It is an interdisciplinary field focused on extracting INFORMATION that can help an organization make better decisions.

Data science is a broad and subjective topic of discussion that is almost impossible to fit into one article. Data science is not an independent science but a combination of several related disciplines: mathematics and statistics, programming, business intelligence, and strategic planning.

Machine learning

Machine learning is a crucial part of Artificial intelligence (AI) that aims to make computers independently understand and handle large amounts of data.

In the past, computers had to tell what to do and how to use it manually through pure programming, but things became more advanced with the machine. With machine learning, we have to use types of algorithms in the computers to make processing faster and smarter with time. Machine learning is getting smarter with time, and it can interpret and process data and then be able to predict patterns that are too complex to interpret for humans. It can successfully process more extensive data smartly and smoothly without any error. 

The main area of ​​research in Machine Learning is algorithms that are capable of learning and remembering and can be applied in various fields of science and business.

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Difference between Data Science and Machine Learning

Many newcomers get confused when it comes to Machine learning and Data science and mix both of them together. Machine learning is an area within Artificial Intelligence, whereas data science is collecting and processing data to make it ready for machine learning. 

To make it clear that these both are correlated in one way, How? The Data science industry and Data scientists use machine learning intelligence to process large amounts of data, and machine learning uses data science to function intelligently.

AI Digital Assistants is an intelligent computer system that mimics human behavior and abilities and can reason, sense, adapt, make decisions and act on its own.

Machine learning works by feeding computer systems with data and teaches the system to learn itself, for example, how they can perform specific tasks and how it can gradually develop and improve itself based solely on collected or entered data, in comparison with manual data programming. The technology used in machine learning works based on a predetermined and well-defined problem and needs to be trained continuously to make the best possible decisions. But this is not the case with data science.

Data collection is done through various data collection strategies by conducting surveys, running multiple experiments, observations, documentation, records, etc. These collected data are then converted for further programming. 

To further understand the difference between Data science and machine learning, you can imagine asking a system whether to buy a product or not, for example, SIRI and Alexa, the AI Digital Assistants. 

Based on the available information and available data, machine learning can only answer yes or no, only giving the user advice only on the subject itself. On the other hand, data science can only help you with deep data collected by data scientists.

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