DevOps Vs Web Developers – What’s The Difference?

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DevOps Vs Web Developers

For those considering going into a more creative industry two job descriptions spring to mind – DevOps and web Developers. In truth, although the two jobs do have similarities, there are also some differences that be top of mind for anyone seeking a career in either field.

1. DevOps

DevOps combines expertise in software development (the Dev) with in-depth knowledge of information technology operations (the Ops) and business best practices. If one would be to identify the driving focus behind those in the DevOps team it is to shorten the time to market a new piece of technology or software. In order to fulfill its strategic purpose DevOps has been variously referred to as a movement, a culture, or a practice that focuses on communication between information technology and software development teams.

2. Web Developers

The title of ‘Web Developer’ is easy enough to pigeonhole. It is someone who is skilled in designing and developing a website. They are the personnel at a web design agency who are responsible for bringing a creative concept to life on the Internet. They will also ensure that the website is easy for the visitor to navigate and that relevant information is easy and intuitive to access. They make sure that the website not only looks professional and attractive – but meets the brand identity requirements.

3. DevOps Vs Web Designers

Both of these departments (or functions) are tasked with ensuring that the product gets to the consumer as efficiently as possible. However, the tools that they employ to ensure that this is achieved are extremely different.

A DevOps team is process driven. They will examine each and every process that contributes to the product reaching retail shelves. Their aim is to optimize each step in that process, (including how humans interact with machinery and each other) at each unique moment, from creative, to design, to manufacture, logistics, and beyond.

A web developer also has a very clear job description. It is to manage and create (from planning to launch and beyond) an online environment that attracts (and retains) user attention. Web Developers will continuously focus on the ever-moving target of enhancing the user’s experience. A good example is when a programmer uses a particular language to design a new app to enhance the company’s image. The DevOps professional would use that same language to design software that provides next-level security.

Both DevOps personnel and Web Developers may be traveling on different paths toward to same strategic goal – and that is to get that product to the consumer in keeping with the idea of separate paths the skill set required for each is different.

Qualifications of DevOps Engineer

As a starting point, a DevOps Engineer will need a bachelor’s degree in computer science or another closely related field. They also need to lot of experience with software development and coding in a particular language(s). They will also need to be familiar with the usual tools in the DevOps toolkit. Those employees who are in search of a more senior appointee may prefer that the candidate holds a master’s Degree in Computer Science or a related field.

Qualifications of Web Developer

Those in search of a position as a Web Develop will usually require an associate degree in web design (or a field related to web design). However, this is no longer what may once have passed for industry practice. Increasingly Web Development companies are in search of candidates with a Degree in Computer Science or something related. The successful applicant for a Web Development job will have in-depth knowledge of a number of programming languages and many of the suites of web Development and other design tools today available on the market.

The Working Environment

Web developers are usually regarded as members of the creative community and therefore the balance between working at the office or at home might be different from that of a DevOps team member. Web Developers tend to choose from a freelance lifestyle and one with a creative agency, or large corporate, while DevOps employees are usually office-brand, but do go out to see clients from time to time. As a result of this travel requirement, DevOps professionals can spend a large amount of their time on the road – and that should factor in on any decision you make.

Personality Type

As far as the types of personalities that will find a DevOps or Web Development career rewarding, there are certain similarities.

The first of these is an innate sense of curiosity about how things work and a gift for complex real-world problem-solving. These skills are often put to use in situations where others cannot find a solution to a complex technical or software issue.

Those who excel at these two careers will be excellent communicators and consensus buildings due to the fact that they will often be called on to lead teams.

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