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DevOps Top 10 Trends

The popularity of DevOps is getting high day by day due to the involvement of technologies like AI, IoT, and so on. Such technological implementations for DevOps make a huge impact in terms of prediction. You might know that predicting the behavior with necessary past data sets helps the business. Hence integrating the AI system and some other applications of IoT will advance the function of DevOps. This blog describes the trends for DevOps in 2021.

1. Automation will be completely seamless

Multiple forms of software development functions are going on and many small and large-scale software industries are using it to ease their process with compacting the time. They prefer to enable the automation techniques with proper architecture techniques via DevOps. The following rules are designed to work on complete automation patterns.

  • Proper business prediction
  • Collaborative structure for development
  • In-depth and constant testing
  • Attention on release & deployment
  • Unbroken monitoring
  • Coordination on feedback

2. Concentration on CI & delivery for DevOps

DevOps is a process to enable proper delivery from the level of integration. Many companies invest their money in identifying the best option of automation for their software development process. Continuous Integration and delivery might confuse the option of proper delivery techniques. Hence by using the DevOps in the portion of the delivery line with proper automation of 6 phases as mentioned above will help to grant the action seamlessly. This option will help to offer pros like proper visibility, rapid scaling, ceaseless delivery, proper analysis, and business intelligence.

3. Interactive option for Data science 

Data science is the biggest platform getting in the field of business. Most of the application development companies have started to focus on the scenario of AI to improve the prediction level and increase the option of delivery and automation techniques. Data science is a term that holds many categories such as AI, machine learning, data analysis, NLP, and so on. Using such valuable effects of those categories will help to manage the complete automation techniques with an advance level of tracking and monitoring. Even the internet of things will get compensated with the data science and help to increase the DevOps function to get work done seamlessly.

4. Scripts become easier

The whole concept of DevOps gets into proper function only by automating the process with necessary coding and tools. Such a function requires a well-structured SDLC to improve the level of efficiency. Hence a team of DevOps must follow the process of certain programming concepts and improve the level of automation scripts. It helps the DevOps team to enable the scripts for automation and continuous testing. There are many tools available to associate with DevOps and increase the range of attention; but the fact is, the DevOps team must focus on certain programming languages to built proper function with SDLC.

5. Serverless architecture will be deployed

The development and operation of such a huge process come under certain architecture. Such architecture will deploy the use server option to enable the control function and increase the automation. You may already know about cloud techniques. Using the cloud will allow controlling part in a huge operation and increase the effectiveness of control and improve the tracking behavior. It helps the software industry to save time, cost, unpredictable workflow, and so on. Hence maintaining such actions via serverless option works effectively for DevOps.

6. Attentive security

There is a huge sense of threats via network as the necessity of software development is huge hence enabling proper security options is in demand. In the software industry, DevOps deals with serverless architecture and to maintain techniques with proper knowledge of tools is required. Some best practices to get into the clouding part for security is by using a suitable inventory of cloud. Using the proper structure of the cloud integrates security in application development and design the centralized security behavior. Using these four categories will help to manage the security function of DevOps with proper prediction and results.

7. Kubernetes impact is high

To automate the application development and improve the cluster nodes of the application process, uses a container called Kubernetes. It enables the role of managing the nodes effectively. In upcoming times, most of the old functions for the container will get disappear and new attributes of the container will get into the game and help to improve the functions faster and effectively. Thus, in the future; the usage aspect of such a concept will become less costly compared to now.

8. Code as security

In the future, a security key structure will deploy to adapt the coding structure to improve the configuration techniques and increase efficiency. The infrastructure of security plays an important role in the field of delivery hence to maintain a proper level of security in DevOps, building a suitable coding system is necessary to generate the required level of security.

9. The Architecture of automation will be compact 

Knowing the architecture of DevOps will redefine and help to increase the concept of maintenance. Enabling such an aspect will reduce costs and improve efficiency. ML, AI, and VR will get into play and increase the concept of understanding the function of DevOps. In simple terms, the coding part will get reduced due to the element of machine learning. Hence the security and accessibility testing will improve and function with the fine concept.

10. Alerting solutions for SLA performance

Some issues may arise while on-call management or scheduling. Hence to propagate such issue handling; alerting solutions reduce the downtime and improve the SLA results. This will prevent the loss of time due to the modern incident response and complex infrastructure. Hence by improving the alerting system may help in decreasing the time for resolution.

Final Words

DevOps is the future for the software industry to enable performance with high efficiency and improve the level of the result of control. I hope the above points will help you to know the important trends of DevOps in 2021.

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