DevOps India Summit 2019 – Speaker – Akshay Sharma, Technical Advisor, Kovair

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Event Overview:

On Aug. 31st, 2019, Kovair’s Technical Advisor, Akshay Sharma, formerly a Gartner Analyst, spoke at the two-day DevOps India Summit, in Bangalore, the 2nd largest DevOps event in India.  Highlights included presentations by industry veterans like Marc Hornbeek, author of the upcoming book entitled “Engineering DevOps” where he stressed the need for making DevOps a rigorous Engineering discipline with formal processes, methods, workflows, tools, metrics, and education. He also mentioned future themes ranging from the implications of AIOps to 5G. Dr. Tapabrata Pal, Distinguished Engineer, Capital One, highlighted the best practices he’s seen, ending his talk mentioning Gartner’s “Bi-Modal IT” is dead!, while Microsoft’s Group Product Manager for the Azure DevOps Product, Gopinath Chigakkagari  highlighted the need for tools and metrics throughout from legacy applications lifecycle management (ALM) to DevOps with the need for end to end PLM: Project Lifecycle Management. Other presenters discussed broader themes from AIOps to Value Stream Mapping in PLM: Project Lifecycle Management.

Transformational Technologies provided by Kovair:

These themes dovetailed nicely to Akshay’s Lightning talk where he explained how Kovair operationalizes the above, with solutions today that can fundamentally change the industry with support for Concurrent Multimodal IT, resilient and secure Software Bus solutions bridging tools and applications across legacy ALM solutions, to DevOps solutions, including pre-built connectors to over 90 tools, with shared analytics, shared data lakes, shared dashboards, a common workflow automation engine, with integrated PLM support, inspiring truly collaborative teamwork.

Let’s discuss further how Kovair can help your team transform across much broader convergence themes! Contact us.

5G Wireless Communications for Enterprise Applications lightning – Presentation by Akshay Sharma

Event Photos

devops event
Akshay Sharma (left) and the keynote speaker Marc Hornbeek, and Dell Engineer: Vinay Umesh (right)
Akshay Sharma, Technical Advisor, Kovair and Kaushik Dey, Manager – Sales and Business Development, Kovair with Tapabrata Pal, the Senior Director and Sr. Distinguished Engineer at Capital One

Kovair Software is a Silicon Valley software product company specializing in the domain of Integrated software tools and its solutions support global product development and management. Kovair’s focus on integrating third-party best-of-breed software tools and other applications with its Omnibus Integration Platform enables creation of high business value proposition in a synchronized tools environment for product development and enhancement of digitalization for enterprises. Kovair’s flagship products the Omnibus Integration Platform, Kovair ALM with its Task based Workflow, Kovair PPM, Kovair DevOps, Data Lake and QuickSync for legacy data migration are highly preferred solutions by some of the major corporations globally.

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