Kovair Update – December 2009

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Greetings from Silicon Valley and hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving holiday and indulged in good shopping, if nothing else for the sake of the US economy and some new jobs!

Eclipse Plug-in From Kovair:

On the Kovair front, a few interesting things are worthy of note in this blog posting. We mentioned in one of our earlier posts about the completion of our Eclipse Plug-in for the Kovair Omnibus that will allow all Java developers using the Eclipse IDE environment to get connected with many other aspects of the ALM such as Requirements Management, Test Management and

Release Management through the Kovair Platform without leaving their preferred IDE environment.  We have just completed a White Paper on this topic that will be added to our website in the next 2-3 days.

Please visit www.kovair.com and download this paper from the Collateral section of the website.  We think this is a very positive development for all Java developers to connect to the rest of the Application Lifecycle entities and objects and collaborate with various other people working on the same project!  A large IT Services Company is implementing this capability as I write this.

Visual Studio Team System – VSTS
Our next step is to offer the same type of capability for the .Net developers with an integration of Kovair Global Lifecycle Management with the Visual Studio Team System (VSTS) which is in progress as I write this and should be completed over the next four weeks.

Kovair ITSM Goes Live:
Another positive note for Kovair is that one of our IT Services Management customers went live with the Kovair ITSM solution last week.  Some of the major differentiators in our implementation for this customer are listed in the following paragraphs.

  1. Service Plans and Contracts – Kovair ITSM Solution provides facility to define Service Plans for Billing and SLA purpose. It also provides facility to customize service plans on a customer-to-customer basis. This is important because for a preferred customer contract you may like to give them a better value proposition. It also provides facility for a customer to choose different service plans for different applications for which they wish to avail the services such as ERP versus CRM
  2. Process Automation and Integrating the complete Ticket Resolution Lifecycle – Complete Ticket Resolution Lifecycles are maintained in a single repository. Based on the business rules, the system automatically escalates Tickets and creates Problems/Change records, which are processed as per defined process-workflow. With this automatic traceability relationship is established between Tickets → Problems, Ticket → Changes and Problem → Changes. So from the Ticket, one can monitor the status of the entire Ticket Resolution including Changes.
  3. Customizing Solution exactly as per Customer Scenario – Kovair Customer has over the years developed best practices for managing services of their customers. They monitor the process-workflow at automated task level. At task level they are monitoring activities being performed by the users. This is done in order to ensure that SLA’s are adhered to for all tickets. Like this there were many complex business requirements which were implemented in Kovair ITSM Solution which helped them use the tools exactly as per their normal requirement and they didn’t have to modify any of their processes according to the tool!

With these updates, let me close this blog.  We are hoping to communicate to you at least one more time before the year is over! In case I fail to do so, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

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