Data Migration from Jira Zephyr to Azure and Vice Versa

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Migrate and/or perform Bi-Directional Sync – Jira Zephyr and Azure DevOps

This is the primary question to consider before going any further. Tracking and managing the progress of projects is essential, and luckily for project managers, several useful software solutions exist to help simplify the process.

Azure DevOps by Microsoft and Atlassian’s Jira are considered two of the most popular software development management tools used by companies worldwide. However, transferring or synchronizing data between the two tools becomes a critical issue. The transition from using one management tool to another is a costly and time-consuming affair. Kovair QuickSync is one such tool that will help you solve your migration and or synchronization problems.

Use either of the two project management tools and stay in touch with all of the relevant information from the other one.

Migration Proposition

Migration of Jira Zephyr test data and test-related artifacts to Azure DevOps as a work item provides a more centralized approach with a clear intention for agile. Through migration to Azure DevOps with Jira Zephyr, an organization can seamlessly manage product development in a single tool. The engineers using Azure DevOps will have clear visibility into the exact test status and real-time access to any defects tagged to the requirements along with traceability. The migration achieved through Kovair QuickSync ensures that all historical and current data are moved to the target system with full context. Migration also takes care of attachments, comments and data interrelationships.

Secure and Error Free Data Migration with Zero Data Loss

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Synchronization Proposition

Through bi-directional synchronization between Azure DevOps and Jira Zephyr, an organization can seamlessly manage product development for multiple tools in a unified manner. The team using Azure DevOps will have clear visibility into the exact test status and real-time access to any defects tagged to the requirements, along with traceability. With QuickSync, you can experience an intuitive collaboration between teams using Jira Zephyr and Azure DevOps by synchronizing issue data automatically across your instances.

The Kovair Solution

QuickSyncKovair QuickSync offers a cost-effective and easy-to-configure and use an intuitive platform for mapping tools and migrating/merging/ syncing tool data. Now enjoy increased productivity with less downtime, less adoption time, and a bulk data migration facility without errors or loss of any data. The on-screen monitoring of data flow, real-time reporting of metrics, and synchronization history give total control on the data migration process which results in 100% migration with minimum failure.

  • Codeless configuration for mapping the Jira and Azure, entities and fields to the Azure DevOps counterparts.
  • Easy monitoring capabilities, having the objective and subjective statistical view of the state of migration with reports and logs.
  • No additional platform cost.
  • Supports remigration for any unsuccessful migration.
  • Supports migration of bulk data along with comments.
  • Side-by-side comparison of post-migration data.
  • Data sanity check option for migrated items.


Change is tough for some people, but it doesn’t have to be, at least not when you migrate from Azure DevOps to Jira Zephyr. Luckily, Kovair Software’s QuickSync can make less stressful at least one part of the change. QuickSync makes transferring all your important data from Azure DevOps to Jira Zephyr or vice versa risk-free. Using QuickSync, Zephyr for Jira integration practitioners can create, plan and execute tests right in their familiar Jira instance. Having this test management capability as part of the agile planning tool, testers and developers on the same team can achieve a high level of collaboration and visibility into their work.

Over the last few years, Kovair has successfully catered to the migration and synchronization needs of many large, medium and small organizations spread across various industry verticals. One of the major reasons for appreciation is the capability of performing flawless migration and synchronization within the given time with high data fidelity and zero downtime. Over that period, a 100% success rate of migrating data from several tools has made Kovair QuickSync the best choice for organizations that are in the process of changing their tools.

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