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Data Lake trends

The data management industry has seen a lot of overhauls, changes, and some new innovative developments. Most of the new developments are based on the ability to retrieve data more easily and faster.

Those developments that solve accessibility and speed issues have been a major game-changer in this industry and have given birth to the conception of Global Data Software.

Introduction to Data Lake Software

The relatively new concept of Data Lake has offered solutions to other data management issues that all types of businesses that handle data face. It doesn’t matter if a business is small or is very large, your business can benefit from Data Lake. What exactly is a Data Lake?

The term “Data Lake” is gaining traction in the market. It presents a large data pool that doesn’t define data requirements until that data has been queried. Data Lake is changing the way data is being handled and improves more efficiency in data management and handling. What are some of the benefits?


Data Lake is highly scalable and can support massive amounts of data volumes. Its nature of accepting all types of data in its native format from any data source is a major contributing factor to its scalability.

You don’t have to structure your data first or choose certain single device because it takes in data as-is and from any device, be it mobile, IoT, social media, relational data sources, etc. In terms of scalability, data lake is incomparable with its counterparts because of its features.

High-speed Data Management

Data Lake offers high-speed data management and that function is carried out in two ways. The first way this is accomplished is by accepting quick data and storing it without structuring it first.

Time is saved because the effort that would be spent structuring the data is omitted, so it is stored faster. The data is also retrieved faster because it becomes readily available as soon as it is stored.

Market research

This market has the greatest players in play those include, but not limited to, Microsoft, Informatica, EMC, Oracle, Capgemini, and Teradata. Dell EMC has launched its own Data Lake called Elastic Data Platform. It can work on various machines like the PowerEdge servers, Isilon scale-out NAS. The growth of this market has been dependent on web-based interfaces and social computing.

Also, Data Lake has been used in various applications in the banking and financing industry. Another growth driving factor in this industry is the use of cloud-based systems. It is forecasted to continue growing and amass the vast majority of the Data Lake systems.

There is no surprise there because almost all technologies are adapting to cloud-based systems. The growth of this sector won’t be dependent on the above-mentioned factors only, but also its nature makes it of high demand.

The Data Lake concept has proven to be highly cost-effective and also time-effective and both of these factors are critical for business success. These two factors have made it appreciated amongst the small to medium businesses that always look for cost-effective methods to run their business.

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Market position

North America is the majority stakeholder in this industry, followed by Europe and Asia. The reason behind North America’s majority stake-holding is because the U.S and Canada use the most intelligent devices and more technological developments in this region.

The aforementioned region also has more stability and infrastructure for the implementation of these types of developments. Also, the rise of IoT and the adoption of it drives the growth of Data Lake in this sector.

It is expected that the Data Lake industry will have a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 28% by the end of 2023.

The biggest players in this field are:

  • Microsoft Corporation
  • Cloudera Inc.
  • Teradata Corporation
  • Capgemini
  • EMC Corporation
  • Oracle Corporation
  • Zaloni
  • SAP SE
  • Hitachi
  • Atos SE

Most of the aforementioned companies are from the U.S, which proves that North America is the leading developer and also the user of this kind of technology.

Industries that use Data Lake

Data Lake are useful in a wide range of sectors because of their functionality and practicality; some of the sectors include:

  • Research Companies
  • Banking and Finance
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Human Resources
  • Healthcare
  • IT and Telecommunications
  • Manufacturing

The services of your Data Lake can be designed, implemented and scaled out to the proportion of your business requirement. You can choose whether you want Data Lake as a service or software.

If you prefer using it as a service, you will have data management, data integration, data lake analytics, and data visualizations at your disposal. On the other hand, the services side is broken down to managed services and professional services.

The latter involves system implementation, data lake services, and support & maintenance. You can also choose between basing your Data Lake in the cloud or on-site at your business and HR software place.

The Data Lake market is forecasted to grow exponentially within the next few years.  By 2023, you can expect some positive results in the Asia Pacific region as well. The aforementioned region is expected to grow faster, even more than North America.

Expected growth in North America will most likely be driven by the technologies developed down at Silicon Valley. This concept will also relatively start taking shape in the rest of the world gradually, relatively to the development of those countries.

However, this market should show positive overall growth in the forecasted period and also spread out to the countries considered as third world countries.


The Data Lake market is a great market that will show massive growth and by 2023, you can expect to see some real results of this market. The adoption of cloud-based technologies will also draw some lot of water for this market because it can be integrated to work in the cloud.

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