Customer Success Story – Omnibus Platform Integrations: A Successful POC at a Large Financial Institution

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Recently, Kovair successfully completed a POC at a major financial institution that wanted to determine whether Kovair ALM Integration of multiple tools around its Omnibus Platform works as “advertised”.

The following describes the pain point that was addressed by Kovair.

This company had an immediate need to integrate the data to and from for the following tools: CA Clarity, Rational ClearQuest, HP Quality Center and Microsoft TFS. This data includes the following: Software requirements, test cases linked to these requirements, source code files to track defects, and project management objects. Ideally, this data needs to seamlessly and quickly flow from one tool to another without manual intervention. However, at this company, in most cases, this data must be manually re-keyed or manually copied and pasted from one tool to another. This causes many developers, analysts, managers, to use multiple development tools each in order to manage these manual data transfers, causing not only increases in the software licensing, support and maintenance costs but also increasing the work effort to manage this data and increasing the likelihood of keying errors. Without a fully integrated development environment, management lacks enterprise reporting capability as well as visibility into the development process. All of these added challenges increase the business risk to the company when responding to government regulatory compliance, reducing product and service quality to customers and decreasing the productivity of those having to deal with these developer tools.

Over a two -month evaluation period, Kovair was able to demonstrate, with an onsite installation at the company of its Omnibus and all the adapters for the multi -vendor tools that were involved, that this total integration can be achieved and run successfully as “advertised” by Kovair for its Omnibus Integration capabilities. For more details, contact

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