Business and Technical Benefits of Data Lake

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Business and Technical Benefits of Data Lake

Data is what everyone wants these days. It’s a vital resource with limitless potential to be used for the benefits of companies and people all around the world. Sometimes referred to as the information age’s oil, data’s usage, it’s handling, and its sourcing are all subjects that remain fresh in people’s minds. There are a whole variety of different stances on the best practice when it comes to data and, given that it is still very early days for the commodity, there’s a lot of room for experimentation. One fresh concept that has ruffled a few feathers is the ‘Data Lake’. A Data Lake is a method of storing all of your data, without any discrimination over features, source or format, in a single, central location. It’s an alternative method of storage with a few more obvious drawbacks, but some key benefits as well. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at what’s good about the Data Lake.

High-speed Data Options

High-speed data is very important to a lot of different people for lots of different reasons. Housing that sort of data is often something which people consider a specialist task, but Data Lake has you covered. You can choose from a range of tools that can queue the high-speed data efficiently and simplistically, a feature which for a lot of people is absolutely vital.

Excellent Options for Advanced Analytics

Unlike so many of the other options available to you for your data storage and management needs, the utilization of the data for what it is most valuable for (being pushed through deep learning algorithms to produce automated results) is made very simple by Data Lake. It is excellent at processing large blocks of data, as is its nature, something that is vital for machine learning and other forms of high-level analytics. “Machine learning is the hot topic in terms of data utilization these days, so it’s no wonder that Data Lake, with its optimization for bulk data, is being looked at as the best option for this purpose. So many results can be garnered through automation and deep learning, and Data Lake is where it all begins”, explains Harrison Holt, tech lead at UKWritings.

The Scalability Factor

One of the nice things about Data Lake, which makes it far more convenient, inexpensive and well-optimized, is its capacity for scalability. It doesn’t matter the volume of data or the processing requirements, you will always find that Data Lake can be scaled up to allow for any change in demand. This is particularly vital if you are a company with a lot of growth potential who doesn’t want to keep changing data storage and management systems every single time you size up your operation.

A Home for All Data

There’s no limit to the value of all sorts of data, of varying and diverse origin.  You must remember that you will inevitably have to deal with data that comes from all of the different potential sources. The advantage that Data Lake has in that field is that it is built specifically to be able to handle data from all backgrounds, encoded in all sorts of different ways, without any problem at all.


With so much about the usage and functionality of data unknown, as everyone learns more and more about the science of data, we must be open to all sorts of new ideas. Data Lake may seem like a bold departure, but hopefully, this list demonstrates its true potential.

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