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As I write this from Frankfurt airport on my way to Hannover, Germany where Kovair is participating for the first time at the major annual event called CeBIT where our booth will be in Hall 6, I am going to share with all of you something that our engineers have done recently – that we have not done very well in the past – the creation of several product focused videos. We used to wonder about some of the competitors posting several short videos on their websites that we were failing to do! That is no more the case. The following brief descriptions along with the URL links for each one of these new six videos on our website will provide something of interest to most of you from the Kovair product line for Application Lifecycle Management including the Agile Solution as well as IT Service Management and glimpses of our recent Release 7.0 with a Web 2.0 look and feel UI.

Each of the following headings is followed by a brief description of the content highlights for the video followed by the link for that specific video so that you can click on the videos of your interest and see them right out of this blog.  So, please help yourselves and do not be reluctant to provide us the feedback – good bad or ugly – so that we can continue to do better.

Release 7.0 New User Interface

Powerful features made easy to use!

  • Application tabs eliminate extra logins as in prior releases.
  • A collapsible menu and header give more screen real estate; especially for laptop users
  • Web 2.0 look and feel for the user
  • A new UI design with improved navigation
  • Gain enhanced productivity through a better, cleaner user interface

If you are interested further to learn more about Kovair Release 7.0 New User Interface, please visit

Requirements Management

Learn how Kovair helps you to collaborate and manage requirements better than documents can

  • Gain end to end traceability; between requirements, requirements to tests, test to test run and test runs to defect
  • See how you can bring your existing requirements documents into Kovair
  • Generate professional looking and up to date requirements documents quickly and easily
  • Organize and control access to requirements with fine granularity
  • Clone and reuse requirements and their related items in one step!
  • Versioning, including branch/merge capability to help manage variants

If you are interested further to learn more about Requirements Management, please visit

Test Management

Get a real time view with the test management dashboard

  • See how the ‘unfold item’ feature allows easy reuse of test steps
  • Learn how defects are created by test failure
  • Gain an automatic relation between the defect and the test run where the defect was detected

If you are interested further to learn more about Test Management, please visit


Acquire an ability to maintain end to end traceability in the Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tool chain; even with disparate tools that have limited or no facilities to deal with relations

  • See Kovair’s configurable and flexible system for tracking relations in action
  • Learn 3 easy ways to view and manage traceability relations
  • Export relationship data, track impacts, and more!

If you are interested to learn more about Traceability, please visit

Agile Solution

Learn how Kovair helps you to track and manage backlogs

  • Categorize backlogs into Epics, Features, User Stories and Defects
  • Gain end to end traceability among the backlogs – Epics to Features, Features to User Stories, and Backlogs to other artifacts – User Stories to Tests, Test to Test Run and Test Runs to Defects
  • Product Owner can rate, prioritize and rank User Stories in Kovair and then assign those to Sprints
  • Learn how Tasks are created and assigned to the various team members for a User Story and how these Tasks are getting worked on and the time spent being recorded in the Timesheet.

If you are interested to learn more about Agile Solution, please visit

Kovair ITSM Studio – IT Service Management

Learn how Kovair’s Service Catalog provides easy-to-use ability to submit service requests for various types of services, report an incident, problem submit a change record.

  • Get a glimpse of best practice process workflow definition for Incident, Problem and Change process areas.
  • Learn about Kovair’s task management and business rules implementation capability. E.g. automatic creation of problem when incident is escalated and also automatic creation of change record when problem is converted to change.
  • Out-of-box dashboard and rich set of pre-defined reports with drill-down capability.

Traceability relations giving complete visibility. E.g. Transactions (Incident to Problem to Change), Contacts (CIs assigned / allocated to them and SRs, Incidents, Problems and Changes reported by them), Configuration Items (CI assigned to Contacts, CI relation with other CIs and SRs, Incidents, Problems and Changes reported for the CI).

Thank you for taking the time to visit this Blog and hope that your time was well spent watching some of these videos and learning more not just about Kovair but some of these topics in general.  We are happy to share our perspectives by way of these collaterals and welcome your views.


Bipin Shah

CEO and Chairman

Kovair Software


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Kovair Software is a Silicon Valley software products company specializing in the domain of Software Product Development tools and solutions and supports global software development and management through Value Stream Management Platforms – VSMP. Kovair’s focus on integrating third-party best-of-breed ALM and various other tools such as PLM, PPM, ERP, CAD, CRM, ITSM, Test Management and other Applications enables the creation of products in a synchronized tools environment through its Omnibus Integration Platform. Now with its recent addition of DevOps and DevSecOps capabilities, it has a full offering of product development tools in multiple domains enabling high quality product development and digital transformation for corporations. Kovair’s flagship products Omnibus Integration Platform, Kovair DevOps and DevSecOps, Kovair ALM, PPM and QuickSync, are highly preferred solutions for some of the major corporations globally.

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