Benefits of TFS and JIRA Integration

TFS and Jira
Demand for an efficient integration platform which can facilitate data flow between JIRA (commonly known as Atlassian JIRA) and Microsoft TFS (Team Foundation Server) is on the rise. By integrating JIRA and TFS, you can impart high traceability in the ALM process. Organizations that use JIRA and TFS together can benefit significantly from this integration. To give you an idea, just imagine how useful it will be if the Features or Tasks added in JIRA get replicated to the mapped TFS work items automatically!

Kovair, through its tool-specific adapters and the Omnibus integration platform, has facilitated several challenging situations. Let’s delve more into this.

Kovair Omnibus Platform and Adapters for JIRA and TFS

Kovair Omnibus adapter for JIRA synchronizes Issues logged in JIRA to mapped TFS fields. Any Issue Type in JIRA like Bug, Improvement, New Feature, Task or any custom issue type defined by your organization can be synchronized as well.

Similarly, Kovair Omnibus Adapter for TFS allows any Project artifacts like Requirements, Tasks, Bugs, Source Code, Build and Test Results which are tracked and managed within TFS, to synchronize with JIRA artifacts along with relationships.

Exclusive features that you can get by using Kovair Omnibus for JIRA and TFS integration:

  • Synchronize varied JIRA Issue types with TFS work items
  • Synchronize attributes of the entities between JIRA and TFS
  • Support for Attachments, Comments (both ways) and Timesheet (from JIRA only)
  • Update either tool data in your customized workflow

JIRA and TFS Integration Scenario

The diagram below depicts an example of integration scenario between TFS and JIRA items. Synchronization happens both-way in real-time. Your integration use cases may be different from the example given below. Any other integration scenario between TFS and JIRA can be easily implemented in minutes using Kovair Omnibus with simple drag-and-drop configurations – no coding required at all!

JIRA and TFS Integration Scenario

Benefits of Integrating JIRA and TFS using Kovair Omnibus

Developers, testers and other stakeholders can enjoy the following benefits by integrating JIRA with Microsoft TFS.

  • Enact best practice processes across software development lifecycle stages
  • Gain greater visibility of the progress and quality of application development
  • Achieve measurable productivity gain for teams and thereby deliver faster
  • Overcome challenges for globally distributed development teams by connecting tools across geographies

Also, learn more about Kovair Omnibus and read the datasheets to know how the adapters work.

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