Benefits of Integrating RTC and JIRA

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IBM RTC and Jira

At Kovair, we receive quite a few integration requests every month. It has been noticed that more and more people are showing keen interest in understanding the benefits of integrating IBM Rational Team Concert (RTC) with Atlassian JIRA, the widely used bug tracking tool in the market today.  Seeing this growing interest, I felt like sharing my own experience here.

In this article, I am going to explain the benefits of RTC and JIRA integration and how Kovair handles it with Omnibus Integration Platform and tool-specific adapters.

Kovair Omnibus Platform and Adapters for RTC and JIRA

Kovair Omnibus, an Enterprise Service Bus, provides a vendor-neutral ALM platform, allowing integration of standard ALM tools using Kovair adapters.  This ensures transparency across product lifecycle and macro and micro-level process automation.

Kovair adapter for IBM RTC enhances RTC’s integration capabilities by enabling collaboration among the stakeholders throughout the development lifecycle and ensures synchronization of RTC Work Items with that of disparate ALM tools.RTC JIRA integration with Kovair

Kovair’s JIRA adapter enables Issues logged in JIRA to be synchronized and linked bi-directionally with any Work Item of RTC. Any Issue Type in JIRA like Bug, Improvement, New Feature, Task or any custom type defined by your organization can be synchronized.

Advantages of RTC and JIRA Integration

Following are some of the benefits that an organization will get by integrating RTC with JIRA:

  • Track and manage RTC Work Items using synchronization and OSLC linking mechanisms
  • Gain greater visibility into project progress and activities with dashboards and reporting features at various levels
  • Synchronize Issues fields of JIRA with the Work Items fields of RTC
  • Enhance overall team performance by integrating work items, build, and software configuration management
Enterprise Tools Integration and Data Synchronization

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Use Cases of RTC and JIRA Integration using Kovair Omnibus

Once the RTC and JIRA adapters are connected to Kovair Omnibus integration platform, the following use cases can be easily configured:

  1. A Requirement entered in JIRA can be automatically migrated to RTC along with attachments and comments, if any.
  2. One or multiple Tasks can be created in RTC corresponding to each of the Requirements entered in JIRA. These tasks can be migrated to JIRA as well.
  3. In RTC, the Code Files are checked in and the Change Sets are linked to the Tasks.
  4. On checking in the file, a Build is triggered automatically.
  5. In JIRA, testers write Test Cases and link those to Requirements. The Test Cases along with the traceability links to Requirements can be inserted into RTC.
  6. Defects, which are created after Test Case execution in JIRA, are migrated to RTC. Additionally the relationship between the Test Case and Defect can also be transferred to RTC.

There can be many such advantages of RTC-JIRA integration. Organizations with many teams at various locations can benefit significantly from this integration. A manager can generate cross-tools reports with real data to get the status of the project. A lot of activities can be automated at the execution level which, in turn, reduce chances of errors and eliminate bottlenecks.

Learn what Kovair Omnibus Integration Platform can do for your business.  If you have specific questions about RTC, JIRA or any other cross-vendor tools integration, feel free to contact us.

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