Azure DevOps: The Succeeding Big Thing in Application Lifecycle Management

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Initially launched as visual studio team services, Azure DevOps is extensively built, maintained, and managed by Microsoft. Hence Azure DevOps is a fast, secure, reliable, and robust service of Microsoft Azure.

Azure DevOps is a consolidated set of modern software services that facilitates smart planning, better collaboration, and faster deployment of IT resources. The features and functionalities can be chosen according to the user or customer’s operational requirements and need. For instance, the product owner would like to choose a specific service, and likewise, the developers will choose a solitary and distinct service from Microsoft Azure DevOps.

“We were previously using three different CI services to build Atom releases for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Moving to Azure DevOps enabled us to produce release builds for those platforms and automate our nightly release process, all in a single CI job.”

Anthony Terra, Manager of Software Architecture and Development

With the growth of digitalization in every sector, Azure DevOps Consulting Services have become imperative for managing services and deployment.

Azure DevOps

The five integral services of Azure DevOps are

  1. Boards: To plan your work, you can note down the task, stories, bugs and manage them.
  2. Repos: This is to manage codes, build branches and create a series of repositories for the given assignment.
  3. Pipeline: It is an integral feature for code deployment in the project.
  4. Test Plans: Leverage your projects and assignments with automated and manual testing.
  5. Artifacts: It is a set of packages from public and private repositories that is essential for deployment.

Benefits of Azure DevOps Consulting Services

The fundamental benefits of Azure DevOps Consulting Services are:

Easy Access to Updated Features

There is no need to get panic and create a commotion. Every three weeks, there is an update in the features of Azure DevOps, and users get easy accessibility to it. Azure DevOps services are incorporated in such a way that customers are automatically leveraged with the updated benefits.

No Concern about Upgrades 

You don’t need to think of frequent upgrades anymore. Azure DevOps Consulting Services do not hold the notion of relying on downtime for upgrading the system.

Robust and Reliable

Azure DevOps

Azure DevOps works 24*7 with 99.9% efficiency. This proves that wisely choosing a DevOps service provider can streamline your business, eventually making it robust and reliable.

Flexible and Agile

Azure DevOps also works on the pay-as-you-go model. This makes the suite flexible, agile, and independent.

No Platform Restricted

Azure DevOps can work on any platform and framework. Right away from the operating system like Linux, macOS, and Windows to the programming languages like Android, C/C++, Node.js, Python, Java, PHP, Ruby, .Net, and iOS apps, DevOps is comfortable with everything.

No Cloud Restricted

Be it AWC or Google cloud platform; Azure DevOps is functional with all.

Application Lifecycle of DevOps

The four major steps of the application life cycle influenced by DevOps are: PlanDevelopDeliver & Operate. The most important aspects of these steps are that they broadly rely on each other, and each step carries a partial influence and role of the other.

1. Plan: This phase comprises of identifying the features and functionalities for the application building session. To recognize the progress, setting up backlogs, identifying bugs are some of the segments that encapsulate the planning program.

2. Develop: This involves activities like writing, testing, overviewing, and code integration. The DevOps team relentlessly relies on innovating without compromising quality, consistency, and productivity. Any Azure DevOps services selling in the market are bound to ensure the respective reinforcement. 

3. Delivery: This process involves the deployment of applications in the operational forum. It also includes a configuration with the foundational infrastructure that forms the basis of this environment. Bringing automation to these processes makes the resources scalable and repetitive allows DevOps to deliver with confidence and ease.

4. Operate: This phase encapsulates maintenance, supervision, and troubleshooting of applications in the respective cloud environment. To get consistent reliability and vigilance, it needs enriched operational behavior that is efficiently deployed by a good Azure DevOps Consulting Service provider.

DevOps Service: An essential need for modern business

Azure DevOps service provider offers a great bandwidth of features required for the business’s complete functionality. Some of its prominent features are:

  • Controlled Dashboard
  • Improved Sources
  • Identify, Plan and Track the Action
  • Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD)
  • Encourage Manual and Automated Testing
  • Integrated and Collaborative Service
  • Cloud-hosted Azure Services

Given these capabilities and competitive advantages deployed by DevOps, shunning away from such operational empowerment is hard. There are countless Partners of Microsoft floating in the market, and any one of them would be able to serve you the remarkable service.

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Carlotta Krajcik is a Technical Consultant at USA-based leading Microsoft Gold partner firm, BITSCAPE. She has hands-on experience in delivering consulting services. Apart from technical things, she enjoys playing soccer with friends.

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