Application Lifecycle Management Tools to Look Out for

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Application Lifecycle Management Tools

In this busy and fast-paced world of web applications and the vital role they play in contemporary business, it can be extremely hard to keep a handle on everything going on around you. Gone are the days of installing software and that being the end of it. With so many different programs and applications that will be of use at different points, people have had to get creative about handling those demands. This has led to the creation of the Application Lifecycle Management tool or the ALM tool. An ALM tool is a way to monitor the usage and effects of an application from its initial phase to its eventual deployment. It helps you to keep a track of what you are using, how they are helping and how they have changed. This helpful solution comes in different shapes and sizes, so let’s look at what options are out there for you.

Kovair ALM

Kovair ALM is an excellent ALM tool solution available. It has an intuitive centralized interface that is web-based and is easily accessible for anyone handling a program, regardless of their location. Kovair ALM excels in efficiency regarding resource and project planning; it means you will always feel like you are able to do exactly what you need to stay on top of your applications and how they interlink with various projects. With a wide integration net and real time-reports, Kovair is an all-in-one solution.


SwiftALM is another web-based solution that offers a simpler take on ALM practices. It is built primarily for reusability, with a function where practices can be saved into a customizable template and then re-used for future projects. But it also has a fantastic capacity for collaboration which you will learn if you do not know already. It is vital for the continued management of multiple applications, especially within a business context.

Helix ALM

Software company ‘Perforce’ is the guiding force behind Helix ALM which is a wonderfully flexible ALM tool that will work for you regardless of the size of your operation. The Helix ALM suite has a massive range of tools but is fully customizable making it appropriate for a diverse group of users. Helix ALM allows you to take its suite and pick and choose between its different modules, licensing only those that you need for whatever point in the timeframe you find yourself at. This is not only convenient and cost-effective but also creates an environment in which your job becomes easier through an increase in clarity of service with the elimination of unnecessary pages and options.

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Retrace has a slightly different approach or rather it ought to be categorized differently since it is not technically an ALM tool. Retrace is an Application Performance Monitoring tool (or AMP tool) with immense capacity in its specific role. AMP is really a single part of the broader ALM suite, but it is one of the most vital part and without it any sort of management would be of no use. Its performance monitoring and error tracking capabilities make it a useful addition if your ALM of choice has a slight weakness in its monitoring options or if you want to be especially vigilant in this regard.


OneOps has large enough backing to shoot for its goal which is; to be the most all-encompassing ALM tool available. By using the cloud for its user operations OneOps allows many different components to be accessed by anyone in a team at any time. The secondary advantage is, the cloud it inhabits is not important as you can make a change at any time depending on your taste.


“There’s so much resting on the ALM tool that you use; the job is so important that you can’t possibly be doing too much research. Make sure that whatever decision you go with, it’s motivated out of knowledge and consideration”, advises Charles Howath, programing lead at Gum Essays.

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