What is Agile Methodology? Modern Software Development Explained

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In today’s software market, most software development companies tend to practice agile software development methodology. It is highly probable that you have heard of this methodology. However, the real problem arises when you want to implement this technique. In order to be successful in your endeavors, you must have a clear grasp of the subject. But what exactly is agile methodology? Let us elaborate on the topic in the simplest manner. 

A quick history of agile methodology

Agile was officially launched in 2001. It was when 17 technologists drafted a document, known as the Agile Manifesto. They created a draft consisting of the four main principles for creating better software. Here are some of the important principles included in the agile manifesto:

  • Individuals and interactions are more important to drive software success over processes and tools.
  • Organizations should focus on creating working software rather than comprehensive documentation.
  • Organizations should aim to initiate customer collaboration instead of paying attention to contract negotiation.
  • The software developer should respond to change depending on the demands of the market, rather than following a calculated plan.

Importance of agile methodology

The rise in popularity of an agile software company is the talk of the hour, not because of the smooth services they provide, but because the industry demands top-notch customer interaction along with a reactive persona. Today’s software market is almost saturated. However, there is a need for specialized programs whenever it is necessary. In fact, although most software companies can beat their competitors, it is the lack of proper leadership and an unclear vision leads to their failure. When someone implements the agile methodology in their software development process, they are inviting success. Today, more people wish to get hold of a software program that caters to their needs and interact with them as if it is their friend. In that case, agile software development is the need of the hour that developers should not ignore.

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Roles involved in the agile methodology

The agile development process tends to begin by defining its users and further documenting a vision statement that focuses on the scope of opportunities, problems, and values that are required to be addressed. The owner of the product captures this vision and works closely with a multidisciplinary team with the aim of delivering on this vision. If you are curious about the roles involved in the agile development process, in the points below they are explained in simple forms:

  • User: The agile methodology is always customer-centric. It tends to focus on the needs and problems of the end-user before starting the development of the software.
  • Product Owner: Now, the product owner capitalizes on his research and tends to be the voice of his customers. The same way Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is the voice of the users of his social media platform.
  • Software development team: Now that the requirements of the software and its users are shortlisted, it is time for the owner to work with teams and bring his vision to fruition.

If you want your software to be a big-time success, you might want to hire the services of an agile software development company.

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