Kovair ALM Solution for Automotive Industry

Kovair ALM for accelerating the time to market for OEMs and Suppliers.

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Kovair ALM for ISO 26262 & ASPICE compliance

SAE 3016 and SAE 3018 ASPICE® and ISO 26262 are the key standards to be used in automotive development.

All major OEMs have specified the need to adhere to ASPICE® for their suppliers.

ISO 26262 is a must have for certification of road approval and addresses the needs that focuses on safety-critical components.

Kovair ALM for accelerating the time to market for OEMs and Suppliers.

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Current Industry Problems and Kovair Solutions


  • Siloed tools – hard to control, leading to inconsistency
  • Lack of domain skillset
  • Lack of Project Lifecycle Management
  • Conflicts in Resource Planning
  • Lack of timely analytics for PMO: Project Management Office
  • Lack of consistent and timely field data
  • Tool-centric or code-centric workflows restrict innovation.


  • Pre-configured Automotive ALM Solution compliant to ASPICE and ISO 26262
  • Templatized Automotive Solution compliant to ASPICE® and ISO 26262
  • How to improve the quality and reliability of end products
  • How to improve the development cycle time
  • Enterprise Systems integration, along with ALM and PLM integration for Collaboration and governance across complete product lifecycle

Business Benefits of Kovair Automotive ALM Solution

  • Accelerate Functional Safety compliance for ISO 26262, Automotive SPICE and other standards with an integrated, 100% browser-based collaborative platform and task-based workflow.
  • Gain complete visibility for the entire development lifecycle and simplify decision-making with end to end traceability, real-time customizable reports & dashboards.
  • Make audit preparations hassle free and efficient at reduced costs through continuous compliance with ISO 26262, Automotive SPICE and CMMI.
  • Ensure alignment across product and engineering disciplines through ALM-PLM integration.
  • Follow best practices through Kovair Omnibus’ codeless configurable built-in workflow engine and solution template for automotive regulatory compliance.

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Key Features of the Automotive Solution

Requirements Management for the Automotive Solution

  • Gather requirements for all hardware and software requirements and manage over a browser-based platform for collaborative Requirements analysis and Change control.
  • Keep your stakeholders updated with real-time information through round-trip functionality for Microsoft® Word/Excel® and integrations with best of breed tools and formats – ReqIF, JIRA, IBM Rational DOORS, Enterprise Architect, Rhapsody, Matlab Simulink, LDRA, round-trip export-import with MS Excel and Word, and many more.
  • Ensure correctness of requirements through task-based workflow, built-in modeling and review module, with capabilities available in Kovair ALM solution.
  • Kovair’s built in versioning and impact analysis capabilities help track the granular level of changes, compare the changes between the versions and facilitate in doing a proactive and reactive analysis even before committing to the changes. The traceability chain connecting the Requirements to Architecture to Design to Tests ensures complete visibility across functional, system, test and other relational coverage.
Requirement Management Menu Items
Requirement Management Menu Items
Fig: Requirements Management for the Automotive Solution

Quality Assurance & Testing for the Automotive Solution

  • Generate test cases based on requirements, architecture and designs, and maintain traceability across all quality assurance activities.
  • Design and execute test cases based on parameters manually and through test automation tools like selenium, JMeter and others. Execute test cases in custom applications or excel files and get them synchronized with Kovair ALM.
  • Monitor test coverage in a real-time manner and automate bug reporting on test execution failure.
  • Use Kovair ALM to integrate your Service Desk teams with internal development processes, enabling the transition in an automotive DevOps environment.
  • Ensure quality and customer satisfaction by reducing turn-around time using the mouse click configurable business rules and task-based workflow of Kovair ALM.
Requirement Management Menu Items
Fig: Quality Assurance & Testing for the Automotive Solution

Automotive Software Development & Release Management

  • Kovair Release Management allows you to design and automate customized workflows for software development lifecycle. Its functionality to branch and merge change requests and requirements allows to create detailed change requests combining into one and assign these to releases.
  • Using the built-in Task Scheduler, you can estimate the planned effort for activities and hence plan to manage features across releases. In the process, it helps to track various KPIs and manage all the milestones, versions, releases and gaining complete visibility into your product engineering value stream.
  • Use single framework to manage your development through waterfall or Agile (Scrum, Kanban & Scaled Agile) methodologies
Kovair Release Management Dashboard
Fig: Kovair Release Management Dashboard

Hazard Management for the Automotive Solution

  • Kovair’s HARA (Hazard & Risk Analysis) Management allows to define and manage hazards depending on various hazard type and risk triggering events.
  • Increase the efficiency and precision of ASIL values by getting them calculated automatically using the calculated field and business rule features of Kovair ALM.
  • Associate every hazard with an appropriate controllability, exposure and severity based on which the system automatically calculates an ASIL number and an ASIL flag to that Hazard as per the standard ASIL Determination formula.
Hazard Management for Automotive
Fig: Hazard Management for the Automotive Solution

Risk Management for the Automotive Solution

  • Leverage the benefit of Risk Management System within Kovair ALM and customize it as per need for process maturity and continuous compliance with regulations.
  • Identify, organize and categorize risks by severity, likelihood and status to monitor and manage failure modes, risks, and CAPA (corrective and preventive action) in relation to different artifacts through traceability.
  • Ensure end to end traceability across all lifecycle entities and processes, thus eliminating any kind of process gaps.
  • View Risk Matrix showing for the coverage of Risks based on the Likelihood and Severity and define the respective mitigation plan.
Risk Matrix
Fig: Risk Matrix

Visual Monitoring through Reports and Dashboards

  • Kovair ALM comes with a wide range of customizable graphical and textual reports using the data from different artifacts used in the entire lifecycle phase. These reports can be included in the different gadgets in various visual dashboards with drill down capabilities to monitor the KPIs and provide support in the decision-making process.
  • Leverage the benefit of custom template-based word reports for generation of any compliance related documents with the click of a button significantly reducing compliance audit time and costs.
  • Besides Reports & dashboards, Kovair ALM also provides the complete audit trail of who, what and when of changes for every change in the application.
Kovair ALM Dashboards
Kovair ALM Dashboards
Fig: Visual Monitoring through Reports and Dashboards

Manage Systems Engineering and Software Development Teams in One Single Platform

  • Maintain a common browser-based collaborative central platform to align mechanical engineering and software development teams involved throughout the automotive supply chain.
  • Connect team members from different functions, external suppliers, tools & processes.
  • Gain complete visibility across the product & application lifecycle through end to end traceability between requirements, development, testing, issue and defect management processes and all upstream and downstream artifacts, even across parallel streams of development.
  • Perform model-based engineering with ALM and PLM processes through integration between tools from different ALM functions and PLM tools like Aras Innovator, PTC Windchill & Siemens Teamcenter.
Kovair Tools Integrations
Fig: Current Profile of Kovair Omnibus Integration

Pre-Configured Automotive Template of Kovair ALM

Kovair’s Automotive ISO 26262 & ASPICE Template comes with baked-in domain knowledge on automotive best practices. It reduces resource usage, cuts down on audit preparation costs, and manages the regulatory compliances like ISO 26262, Automotive SPICE and other automotive regulations with minimalistic effort.

Kovair’s Automotive ISO 26262 & ASPICE template is fully configured and designed with preconfigured artifacts and processes. The template provides the flexibility of easily modifying the fields and the underlying workflows of the existing entities. You can also design the processes in order to get those aligned as per your organizational needs while conforming to your regulatory requirements. Traceability is established using predefined relationships among various preconfigured entities designed in the template. Following are some of the major contents of the template:

  • An end to end predefined automotive lifecycle with Customer, Technical, Hardware, and Software Safety Requirements, and Test related artifacts conforming to the traditional V model
  • Complete support for development and test related Tasks supporting V&V activities
  • Preconfigured entities and workflows to provide complete tracking and managing of Risk management, Quality Assurance and Defect management related activities
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