Requirements Versioning

During the lifecycle, requirements get changed or are removed or altered. These changes may or may not be tracked as versions. Kovair allows users to track these changes both via versions as well as audit trail.

Versioning with Kovair

Versioning of requirements aims at providing access to the specific change states of individual requirements over the course of a lifecycle. A version of a requirement gets defined by its specific content of the change state and is marked by a unique version number. Kovair allows organizations to avail three different kinds of versioning policy as

  • Always Version – Whenever a record is edited a version will be created
  • User Selectable – The user who is editing the record can control the fact whether a version is to be created or not.
  • No Version – This option allows restricting users from any sort of versioning

Kovair also allows users to select the attributes of the artifact which will take part in versioning. Versioning capability of Kovair provides the user to view the data of different versions in both textual and diagrammatic format. Kovair allows users to compare two versions side by side and merge them if needed. Using the version capabilities of Kovair, users can rollback versions and reconstruct requirements attribute by attribute.

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