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Do you lack proper management visibility?

With most organizations adopting the approach of Integrated ALM for software delivery, the use of best-of-breed tools and the cross-tool metrics for various ALM functions has increased manifold. Senior IT managers need to contend with a variety of different software development projects that are running simultaneously in their organization. Therefore, metrics required for the ALM dashboard must span across all the phases of an application lifecycle – starting from requirements gathering to design, development, testing and maintenance according to their importance and relevance.
Managers need to review the progress of the team and get answers for the following queries:
  • Is the team on the right track?
  • Is the team likely to finish the iteration on time?
  • Will the team be able to complete the planned work based on the current burn rate?

How Reports help

Kovair offers high-end reporting options with enough flexibility.
  • Get a glimpse of the progress of product releases and see how a company performs
  • Create a detailed template to gather all the necessary information from a project
  • Create as many as 9 different types of graphical and non-graphical Reports, including Tabular, Tabular with Summary, Form, Form with Summary, Distribution Metrics, Matrix, Trend, Custom Crystal and Word.
  • Create visual reports like pie charts, trend reports or distribution metrics reports
  • Generate text oriented reports, and print it from real-time data in Kovair.

How Dashboards help

Dashboard displays easy-to-monitor information and indicates where action needs to be taken on a single screen.
  • Get a glimpse of the progress of product releases and see how a company performs
  • Create dashboards using various types of gadgets including Catalog, Gantt charts and Reports
  • View, edit, clone, and delete dashboards according to your needs
  • Automatically retrieve all the latest updates and present the data set pertaining to the template defined.
  • Design fully configurable dashboards as per user needs by adding suitable gadgets, including Gantt Chat and Reports.

Benefits of Using Kovair Dashboards

The Build Dashboard explains

  • How much code is currently being tested?
  • How much code is being changed every day?
  • Is the quality of the builds improving?

The Defects dashboard explains

  • The actual status and the trend of software defects
  • The test progress, test coverage and test success
  • Distribution of the critical defects over the module

The Agile Dashboard monitors

  • Product Backlogs
  • Task Burn down
  • Product Release Burn Up
  • Project Progress Schedule
  • Team Performance