ALM Studio – Product Pricing

ALM Studio – Product Licensing

How We Price Kovair ALM Studio

Kovair ALM Studio is priced as a solution consisting of product licenses and technical support. Kovair offers flexible licensing options that ensure customers can match their requirements based on their application lifecycle management needs. Kovair ALM Studio has two licensing options – Named License and Concurrent License.
  • Named License is the Fixed license for a particular user. Generally Administrators and Senior Executives use ‘Named’ licenses so that they can log into the system irrespective of how many users are currently logged into the platform.
  • Concurrent license as the name suggests is the total number of license usage by concurrent users at any given time. This is ideal for users who use Kovair platform time-to-time and share the license with other 3-4 members.
You can choose either Named License or Concurrent License depending on the project needs. To know more about these license types, email at or call us at 1.408.262.0200 Extn. 2100.

Software Support and Maintenance

The fees for Software Support and Maintenance are mandatory and are calculated at 20% of the license fee.For more information on support services, please visit Technical Support section. To get an estimate of the cost for your project, please speak to Kovair consultants. We will arrange a session for you on Webex; understand the scope of your project in detail and then suggest you a plan that works best.