Benefits for Testers

  • Add Test requirements to your test tool directly from excel, csv, or 3rd party tools
  • Review test cases collaboratively and detect early errors
  • Get notified whenever a business requirement is changed, a development process ends, or defects are raised and fixed
  • Keep business analysts updated about the testing status of their requirements
  • Update fellow developers about the defects raised and track resolved defects automatically
  • Schedule test execution and automate defect capturing
  • Execute automated test scripts directly from Kovair application, view automation results and trace the scripts back to requirements and test cases for change impact analysis

Benefits for Test Leaders/ QA Managers

  • See end-to-end coverage of the test artifacts, including test results, links and test automation results
  • Do impact analysis of a change request by viewing traceability links between test scripts, test cases and corresponding requirements
  • Gain full visibility into the test projects, team productivity, and opportunity costs with near real-time reports and dashboard analytics
  • Track key test metrics at product, process and project level and evaluate the progress, quality and health of software products
  • Get better control on the tools, man-hours, cost of quality, and delivery schedule
  • Automate test scheduling, test runs, and end-to-end defect tracking
  • Bring Agile planning teams, including developers, and testers together and help them collaborate on a single system to address high-priority customer issues