Test Management

What is Kovair Test Management

Manage end-to-end Software Test Life Cycle – STLC with support for manual testing, test automation, automated defect tracking and real-time test metrics.

Integrated Test Management

With recent move to agile practices and the growing needs for continuous delivery, the testers’ jobs are no more limited to writing repetitive test cases, manual test execution, frequent regression testing, manual defect submission and continuous follow-ups with developers for re-testing.

There has to be a better way of managing test cycle that is collaborative, automated, faster, non-repetitive, and progressive.

  • Automate the deployment of test environments, including the tool, scripts and test data
  • Enable continuous development, build, deploy and testing in an integrated tool ecosystem
  • Implement workflow based automatic triggering of both manual and automated test cases
  • Allow schedule based test automation script execution
  • Gain end-to-end traceability between multiple tool data for better release predictability
  • View real-time reports of test results for continuous monitoring and quality check

Why Kovair Test Management

  • Streamline your existing test and development tools and focus on process-oriented activities
  • Integrate with bug trackers and test automation tools like JIRA, HP QC, RQM, Test Link, RFT, QTP & Selenium
  • Automate & simplify test automation effort. Avoid human error
  • Perform both manual and automated testing from a single interface
  • Introduce collaborative test case review system to embrace frequent changes
  • Automate the entire defect management process
  • Align testing with rest of the development activities and view traceability relations
  • Incorporate DevOps system through multi-tool integration
  • Gain support for Continuous Integration (CI) for your agile teams
  • Generate powerful reports and metrics for actionable insights

Get cross-tool traceability view from Requirements to Defects

Establish traceability links between test artifacts of entire test suite and other lifecycle data. View and analyze change impacts on test artifacts with respect to change in requirements.
Cross-tool Traceability View

Make test automation an integral part of testing

Execute QTP or Selenium Test scripts directly from Kovair interface. Track and view test automation results from a single centralized test tool. No dependence on external tools or tool configurations for tracking results of entire test suite.
Direct Execution of QTP/ Selenium

Integrate entire test plan and results with other ALM functions

Enjoy the built-in integrations support with ~70 tools. Achieve seamless collaboration with cross-functional teams and tools across lifecycle stages. No hard coded configurations required to integrate with 3rd party tools.
Integrate Test Management Process

View real-time test metrics for better decision making

Gain full visibility of Test Plan, Test Case, Test Runs, Test Results and Defects in a single place and their meaningful interpretations. Real-time reports and dashboards and end-to-end traceability chain give better release predictability.

Seamlessly integrate with your existing tools

Our testing tool provides integration support for Requirements, QA, Development, and defect tracking tools. We also have expertise in integrating homegrown tools.
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Implement CI, CD and DevOps setup

Automate triggering of builds, provisioning, deployment, testing and defect tracking cycle. Kovair’s integrations with ~70 COTS tools can help you set up a CD – Continuous Delivery environment.
Implement CI, CD and DevOps Setup


How Kovair Test Management achieved CD

Omnibus supporting DevOps

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How Kovair Supports Test Automation

How Kovair Supports Test Automation

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