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Reports and Dashboards can be extremely influential in guiding a project or software delivery towards successful completion. Reports with real time data collected from various tools empower the management to make informed business decisions. Reports and dashboards also help organizations to find answers to the critical business questions.


With most organizations adopting the approach of Integrated ALM for software delivery, the use of best-of-breed tools and the cross-tool metrics for various ALM functions has increased manifold.

Kovair ALM solutions offer high-end reporting options with enough flexibility. For example, in the initial stages of a project ‘Requirement Submission Vs Approval’ trend report might be helpful, but as the project approaches towards delivery ‘Requirement Approval Vs Closure’ trend report might be more critical.

Kovair allows you to create as many as 9 different types of graphical and non-graphical Reports which are: Tabular, Tabular with Summary, Form, Form with Summary, Distribution Metrics, Matrix, Trend, Custom Crystal and Word.

Although Kovair allows you to create visual reports like pie charts, trend reports or distribution metrics reports, usually the reports are more text oriented, and can be considered for printing purposes. The Word Report feature that Kovair can provide bears testimony to this fact. You can create a detailed template to gather all the necessary information from a project, and then generate the report to print it from real time data in Kovair.

This facilitates printing or on line viewing of reports during or just prior to meetings where up to the minute status of a situation may be required.


A Dashboard is a user interface that provides a consolidated view of multiple items on a single screen. It is an effective tool for real -time information tracking and can be useful for a CIO, Business Manager, or any other executive.

Dashboard displays easy-to-monitor information and indicates where action needs to be taken. It provides a glimpse of the progress of product releases and shows how a company performs. Kovair allows you to create customized dashboards as per your need.

Kovair allows creation of dashboards using various types of gadgets including Catalog, Gantt charts and Reports. Any number of gadgets can be included in a dashboard with an option to place the gadgets across multiple columns and rows. The dashboard feature is fully configurable and is capable of being designed per user needs by adding suitable gadgets.

In Kovair, you can view, edit, clone, and delete dashboards according to your needs. While all users are entitled to view dashboards, only those users who have the authority to ‘Override’ are allowed to modify the existing dashboards.

Once you have created the dashboards or reports, clicking the system would automatically retrieve all the latest updates and present the data set pertaining to the template defined. Therein lies the beauty of Kovair, the totality of information is ensured without compromising the simplicity.

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