Kovair ALM Studio – Product Features

Want to see the high level features of Kovair ALM tool? Also, how they help you accelerate Requirements capture to product release stages?

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Web based

Anytime Anywhere Use

Keep your globally distributed cross functional teams connected.

  • 100% Web Based
  • Access through all leading browsers – IE, Chrome & Firefox
  • Access from iOS, Android based devices
  • Access 24/7 from across globe
Process Automation

Process Automation

Eliminate manual handoffs with task based workflow.

  • Task based workflow in contrast to state based workflow
  • Capability of having parallel activities
  • Mouse-click based configuration using a visual designer
  • Cut across different tool boundaries
Drag and Drop

Drag and Drop Configuration

Design the application as per your need by simple mouse clicks.

  • Design the application as per your need by simple mouse clicks
  • Allows to define objects, attributes, relationships, workflow, views, reports, filters just by some mouse clicks
Collaborative Review

Useful Collaboration

Collaborate among geographically distributed teams online.

  • Enables online collaboration between geographically distributed teams
  • Do contextual discussions involving stake holders
  • Real-time visibility of the discussions and approvals
  • Real–time tracking of all ongoing reviews
Entity Relations

Integration Support

Integrate with best-of-breed, open source, legacy, homegrown tools.

  • SOA based ESB architecture
  • Off the shelf 80+ integrations with COTS tools
  • Integrated with best-of-breed, open source, legacy and homegrown tools
Method Independence

Method Independence

Follow Waterfall, Agile and hybrid methodologies.

  • Mouse click configurable catering Waterfall, Agile and hybrid methodologies
Task Management

Role Based Access

Enforce role based access control at every level.

  • Supports Role based security at enterprise level as well as record level

Built-in Modeling

Fulfill your basic modeling needs using the modeling editor.

  • Allows users to draw different UI diagrams like UI Mockup, UML, BPMN, And Flowchart diagrams
  • Embed diagrams within description
  • Maintain diagrams as attachments to the artifacts
Email Notification

Real-time Notifications

Enable Event & Subscription based notifications for the stakeholders.

  • Supports 3 types of notifications – Adhoc, Event Based and Subscription based
  • Users can subscribe to both records and filters for getting notification on modification

End-to-End Traceability

Achieve Cross tool end-to-end bi-directional traceability & coverage.

  • Unique capability of defining relationships between objects
  • Ability to do both pro-active and reactive impact analysis between artifacts
  • Achieve Cross tool end-to-end bi-directional traceability ensuring coverage
Omnibus Reporting Analytics

Reporting and Metrics

Use real-time cross-tool data based reports and metrics.

  • HTML, enabling direct printing from the application
  • Exporting any list to Excel for additional formatting and manipulation
  • Built-in Crystal Reports, facilitating easy custom formatting, or creation of your own reports
  • Word Reporting enablings fully customizable formatting with multi-level data elements from the Kovair ALM data repository in real time
  • Dashboards with real time data from the system for reporting any aspect of the project including the entire Project Health or Process Indices Report with graphical, tabular and chart formats

Dashboard View

Customize dashboards to increase release predictability.

  • Personalized dashboard summary of everything a user needs to know, across all projects, covering requirements, tests, tasks and incidents.
  • Project summary dashboard that displays the health of a project in a single screen, with summary graphs to highlight key information.
  • Assign projects into Groups and display integrated project group dashboards to enable Project Portfolio Management.
  • Customizable dashboards that can be configured by the users of the system to be responsive to their needs.
  • Summary listing of project issues and risks, color-coded by importance.
  • Summary graphs that outline requirements coverage and test execution status.
  • Library of graphical graphs including incident discovery/closure rates, cumulative incident counts, incident aging and incident turnaround times.

Version Control

Control different versions of artifacts and documents centrally.

  • Allows creation of versions for artifacts
  • Facility to compare multiple versions
  • Ability to merge different versions
  • Ability to roll back the entire version or particular fields to previous versions
Comprehensive Metrics

Audit Trail

Get answers for Who, What, and When of changes, as required.

  • Answers to the questions of Who, What and When of changes
  • Gives the facility to filter and view the changes of records
Single Sign On

Single Sign On

Enable Single Sign On to access multiple tools.

  • Tight integration with LDAP or ADSI
  • Enables Single Sign On with the help of LDAP integration
Multiple Inputs

Easy and Quick Capture

Capture artifacts from various sources.

  • Using the Rich Text Editor in Kovair, you can open a Microsoft Word document or copy-paste a portion of a formatted text to the Rich Text Editor.
  • Submit inputs from a Corporate Website or Portal
  • Send them by Email
  • Import them from Microsoft Word Document, Excel spreadsheet
  • Import form a CSV file with configurable format
  • From any third party tools in realtime if synchronized through Kovair´s Omnibus Integration Bus