Kovair ALM Studio – Distinct Advantages

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Capture The Voice of the Customer

By using Kovair´s multiple capabilities for capturing inputs and putting them through a well – defined Requirements Review Process with the Kovair Omniprocess workflow, a company can set up an excellent system of capturing customer inputs for both new product ideas and improvements to existing products. These inputs coupled with inputs from other sources such as Helpdesk provide Product Management personnel with a proper tool to review these inputs and create a Product Requirements Document in Word that can be generated automatically within Kovair at any time.

This provides any company, large or small, a very critical tool to not miss any inputs from a customer that are always a key factor in enhancing customer satisfaction as well as bringing a competitive edge to a company’s its product lines and improving its business and market share. The payback of this system cannot be underestimated!

Better Quality – No More Redos

Having one version of the truth captured and shared globally by all developers creates fewer design errors going through the implementation cycle. This results in significantly less testing time and almost no reworking of the application after system testing. Total project labor cost is saved by 10-20%.

Better Team Collaboration and Communication

KA shared single repository enabled through global web-based access to the Requirements prevents errors as distributed teams work with same specifications. Moreover anyone with the appropriate permission can make changes with automatic notifications sent to other team members based on the Change Management Process, set up in the Kovair Application Lifecycle Management system.

Evaluate and Prioritize Requirements for Releases

Kovair’s Requirements Ranking capabilities and What-if Analysis capabilities for Release Management Process, provide any Product, Marketing and Engineering Management group with a very easy and methodical way of analyzing release contents and making sound decisions, backed by logic and analysis rather than gut instinct. This further simplifies buy-in of the outcome, leading to group harmony in developing and managing a proper product release.

Automatic Regulatory Compliance

Regulations are in fact the Requirements generated externally. With Kovair’s 100% backwards and forwards traceability, regulatory compliance is ensured automatically, mitigating risks to any business.

Increased Productivity

Formalizing and automating Application Life cycle Management and enabling Requirements’ reuse speed up project completion by 20 to-30% as compared to ad hoc or manual Requirements Management processes. As such, Kovair tools benefit small organizations as well by enabling them to grow faster, manage their growth better, and achieve product quality and enhanced productivity.