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Leverage your investment in global Application Lifecycle Management Services

You’ve taken the first step by acquiring the world’s best technology for managing globally distributed application development from Kovair. Now you have to make it work in your environment, customize the products to fit your processes and workflows, get everything configured so that your standards are a part of your lifecycle process, and learn how to best use the technology to achieve your unique goals. To maximize your Kovair investment, we offer a range of services to get you started, help you adopt and learn new processes, and effectively manage the enterprise roll-out. Our concern is helping you to accelerate your ROI, so we offer set programs, and flexible tailored service options that address both your immediate requirements and long-term strategic goals.

Professional ALM Services

Professional services can be selected a la carte, or we can sit down with you and plan a custom program to address the most complex and strategic needs. Our standard offerings include Implementation Support, Process and Tool Configuration, Mentoring, and Tool Customization, and we can also assist with organizational implementation and rollout strategies, integration with 3rd party products, and other technical services on a custom basis. All of our Professional Services engineers are experts with years of global application lifecycle management services experience, in depth tool knowledge and a wide range of technical skills. Professional ALM services, especially in a globally distributed environment where the challenges of implementing defined processes, workflow, standards and tools in a consistent way can be much greater than usual. We work along side you to solve tool usage, methodology and process issues as they come up ensuring a more thorough cultural and organizational adoption of the new techniques and much stronger understanding of how to leverage the tools for maximum benefit. IT organization to streamline their development processes, and is designed around the Kovair ALM services deployment, but may include optimal usage of other third-party and internal tools.

Product Support and Maintenance Services

Through our subscription service for Product Support and Maintenance Services, customers receive all software upgrades and maintenance patches, telephone hotline support, access to our support website, and remote diagnostic support services. For more details visit our Technical Support section.

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