UrbanCode Release Integration Adapter

Application development teams often need to encounter growing business demands such as development of new applications and changes to existing applications. These changes represent improvements in business services and features that drive new revenue.

Practicing agile methodologies and continuous integration is the first logical step that teams can follow to satisfy business requirements. However, that only pushes the bottleneck further along the production process. Software neither gets deployed into test environments nor released into production environments any quicker.

A Release management tool can channelize IT efforts from application development through testing and into production, thus helping teams to deploy resources on timely delivery of a feature or set of features that the business demands.

UrbanCode Release, formerly called uRelease, is a collaborative release management tool from IBM that helps you manage the growing number and complexity of releases. You can plan, execute, and track a release through every stage of a delivery lifecycle. UrbanCode Release reduces errors while making large releases faster and more agile.

Kovair uRelease Integration

Why Automate Release Process

A common goal of agile methodologies is to release often in the process. With shorter feedback loops, one can better align with users’ needs, and adapt to the development tasks accordingly. However, the release process can be an impediment if it involves lots of manual work.

The future of Release Management is definitely an automated one. UrbanCode’s Release automation tool – uRelease enables enterprises to deliver applications faster and with reduced errors. Customers leveraging UrbanCode Release’s powerful automation framework have reduced their Release times dramatically while benefitting from the ability to standardize processes across environments.

Kovair Omnibus integrates UrbanCode Release with other best-of-breed ALM tools to provide a centralized view of the unified software release.

Kovair Support for UrbanCode Release Integration

Kovair integration with UrbanCode Release allows users to view the various Application Release deployments, their status along with related artifacts like Release, Phase, Environments, Deployment Plan, Applications, and Environments from Kovair’s Traceability View.

The ‘UrbanCode Release Integration Adapter’ allows UrbanCode Release to connect to Kovair Omnibus Integration Platform and thereby synchronize with other ALM tools in the system. The adapter can integrate with the existing process flow and configuration of an existing UrbanCode Release setup seamlessly, just as it can with a fresh setup.

Kovair UrbanCode Release Integration Adapter

The uRelease adapter is a Service that exposes Entities, Entity fields and Relations. It also acts as a connector to gather all the information about various artifacts from the UrbanCode Release and push it onto the Kovair ALM or any other tool integrated with the Omnibus Platform.

Kovair UrbanCode Release integration adapter now stands to the benefit of leveraging them to overcome many of the obstacles posed by traditional manual processes. Using the Kovair Central administration one can remotely track the entire release deployment process and its current status.

UrbanCode Release Adapter offers the followings:


Managerial users tend to see a consolidated view of the application release status, the release environment being used, the current phase it is on; the application environment used for the deployment; the related application deployment status and the final release status. This integration provides them to have a complete traceability of an Application Release along with corresponding tasks, application deployment status and all other associated artifacts as well as the current status of the release – be it on time, lagging or complete.


The integration gives a complete visibility for the three layers of a Release i.e. the Release Plan, the Deployment Plan and the Environment Plan.


Using Kovair UrbanCode Release adapter, users can track Application and Release Changes with traceability for the corresponding requirements and/or Defects.

Drive down the cost

The integration enables reduction of manual tasks, human errors, thus eliminating the wait- time and nullifying rework to reduce the overall cost.

Continuous Integration

The full benefit of continuous integration can only be realized when a release is automated as part of the integration process.  Kovair integration with uRelease allows end-to-end testing of a build and enables users to generate a software package as part of the continuous build. 


A properly implemented and automated process can reliably produce a working package. With automated delivery, there is no possibility of human error or a broken release.

UrbanCode Release Integration Use Case

Let us consider an integration scenario between UrbanCode Release and Kovair.

 Let us draw a scenario wherein a requirement is created in RRC which syncs with the Kovair ALM Studio through Omnibus platform. A Release process is configured in UrbanCode Release corresponding to this requirement in Kovair. Thus, all the release related artifacts flow through the Omnibus platform. Also, for all the automated tasks, deployments are configured in UrbanCode Deploy.

Now, one can easily track the whole release process as to when a deployment starts; which phase is involved; what environment is being used; what the tasks are and the people involved in the release, along with individual deployment results flowing to the Kovair ALM.

For a Release, if deployments are having defects, they can be tracked through a defect tracking system like JIRA and be fixed in the next release. A complete traceability from requirements to release along with the individual deployments involved and corresponding defects can be seen from within Kovair.

Thus sitting on a single platform one can easily see the various releases for individual requirements, corresponding deployments environments, phases, tasks, their progress, completion status, and eventually the release.

The traceability would easily point out for an unsuccessful release or a pending one. One can also easily identify incorrect versions being deployed and then quickly change them to give a fresh deployment with correct versions.

The integration would allow for a complete managerial traceability across the whole release process with the minimalistic of manual processes, as well as reducing error in otherwise repetitive manual tasks.

In the present scenario, a continuous release & deployment design practice is used in software production to automate and improve the process of software delivery. For every requirement that comes, a fresh batch of release and corresponding deployments is on the pipeline. Managing these Requirements along with their deployments and their traceability manually is a tedious task, especially when a part of your process is automated. This is where the Kovair platform comes into play and makes a difference.

Note: The adapter as developed and offered by Kovair, follows the subject tool’s standard specifications. Any deviations from the Tool’s typical use pattern may not have been anticipated in our off-the-shelf product. For any customization or special configuration needs, please contact Kovair Sales – sales@kovair.com


  • Allows users to track the whole release process and the associated requirements that invoked the release, as well as a tracking status of other tools involved in the release process.
  • Allows Release Manager to view the status of a release occurring in UrbanCode Release, its type (Scheduled/Recurring) from Kovair ALM, and also show the traceability with other integrated tools connected through Omnibus, which are indirectly involved in the release process.
  • Ensures that all the available UrbanCode Release objects which are directly involved in the Release process and their interrelationships can be tracked and maintained in Kovair ALM or in other integrated tools.
  • Caters to the existing UrbanCode Release setup where several existing builds are present.
  • Provides Automation, Auditability and Visibility to the project.
  • With the Kovair UrbanCode Deploy Integration, one can track the individual application deployment corresponding to its parent release process centrally in the Kovair ALM Studio.


  • 360 degree visibility – what is being released, by whom, corresponding tasks being taken by whom and their traceability with the application deployment process.
  • Accessibility to UrbanCode Release configurations and deployment information from other integrated tools.
  • ESB based integration with SCM tools and IDEs.
  • Unidirectional synchronization of Release Deployment Status along with corresponding segments and tasks and their mutual relations.
  • Easy to configure and customize using web based codeless configuration screens.