Unicom Focal Point Integration Adapter

Kovair Focal Point Adapter integrates Focal Point with other best-of-breed ALM tools and provides a centralized view of the unified risk/portfolio management.

“Kovair Focal Point Adapter” exposes almost all custom/system modules from Focal Point to Kovair and Omnibus connected tools. Using Kovair Omnibus, Focal Point users can link between the elements in FP internally or trigger some external activities when elements are linked inside RFP. The integration solution has two components – 1) RFP adapter, which is a web service and 2) Focal Point Event Service, which is a Windows service. Kovair supports the latest stable version of Focal Point

Kovair Focal Point Integration Adapter

Why Integrate Focal Point With Kovair

Integrated Application Portfolio Management –By integrating other popular ALM tools with Focal Point, Investors and stakeholders can view benefits, costs, risks associated with the projects and better understand business demand to make decisions accordingly. Requirement vs Development Effort Analysis – As the integration adapter allows seamless collaboration between isolated tools, the top management has collective view about the development effort required for each requirement. Increased Productivity – Kovair Omnibus enables users to push Focal Point elements to their preferred tool environment. They do not need to learn FP or log into the instance to access the records which saves time and effort. Moreover, users who know only Focal Point can flow artifacts from any other tool to FP, hence saving their time to do some more important work. End-to-end Traceability – Project managers and stakeholders can view fully customized traceability between artifacts in Focal Point and other tools in concern as per their need.

Use Case Example of Kovair Focal Point Integration

Kovair Focal Point Integration through Omnibus Fig: Sample Integration Scenario between JIRA and Focal Point through Omnibus

Let us consider that for a business the solutions team uses JIRA Agile for creating Stories and the development team creates Epics and Sprints in Focal Point for each of the Stories. The Solutions team needs to evaluate if a particular story tracked in JIRA agile is worth a development effort or not. Without integration in place, the Solutions team needs to send User Stories to Development teams through emails. Hence any frequent change in existing User Stories may result in confusions among developers as to which linked Epics need a revision. By integrating JIRA agile with Focal Point, the Solutions team can assess the risk quotient of developing a particular feature corresponding to a User Story. While integrated through Omnibus platform, the User Stories in JIRA and Epics-Sprints in Focal Point can synchronize both ways using their respective Kovair adapters. Meaning, the Epics and Sprints will flow to JIRA from Focal Point. And, the Stories can flow from JIRA to FP and get linked with respected Epics. Now both Solutions and Development teams can check the details of requirement (user stories) and the development cost associated with it hence gaining a complete visibility of the picture.

Note: The adapter as developed and offered by Kovair follows the subject tool’s standard specifications. Any deviations from the tool’s typical use pattern may not have been anticipated in our off-the-shelf product. For any customization or special configuration needs, please contact Kovair Sales –


  • Capture any system or custom elements and Links from Focal Point and flow them to create fully customized items in other ALM tools.
  • External elements meaning records of other ALM tools and Link/Relation can be added to Focal Point using Kovair FP Adapter
  • Create customized dashboards in Kovair for consolidated view of Portfolio about the items in Focal Point.
  • View complete traceability between elements of custom modules in Focal Point.