TortoiseHg Integration Adapter

TortoiseHg is a distributed revision control system. On Windows, TortoiseHg consists of the Workbench graphical application. Workbench graphical application is a shell extension which provides overlay icons and context menus in your file explorer.

On Linux, TortoiseHg consists of a command-line script and an extension, which provides overlays and context menus in your file explorer. You must have Mercurial installed separately to run TortoiseHg on Linux. Kovair provides a vendor-neutral integration platform called Kovair Omnibus Integration Platform on which the best-of-breed tools can be integrated.

Kovair TortoiseHg Adapter

By integrating TortoiseHg software with the connected ALM tools used by other stakeholders, Omnibus extends the value of revision control to the connected ecosystem. Kovair integrates with TortoiseHg using an Adapter named ‘Kovair TortoiseHg Adapter’. Kovair integration with TortoiseHg is one-way, where data flows from TortoiseHg to Omnibus. With the TortoiseHg integration enabled, you can get all the basic information about TortoiseHg operations. All information about File, File version and Changeset can be pushed through the Omnibus framework to any other connected tool.

Features & Benefits

  • Free flow of File and Change Version information to the connected systems.
  • Trace and view the file directly from SCM, using federated files from connected tools.
  • A comprehensive summary of yearly commits.

Why Integrate TortoiseHg with Kovair?

  • File Federation: Omnibus integration, along with TortoiseHg adapter allows one to expose the Federated attribute for each file version. This facilitates direct viewing of the actual code file from a different tool such as Kovair ALM. With this integration in place, one can also create automatic builds in Continuous Integration tools.
  • Traceability: Using Kovair Omnibus Integration framework, users can have complete traceability from Requirement to Build to Defect, and the related file changes for each Defect. By integrating TortoiseHg with Defect Management and Requirement Management tools through Omnibus, software development teams can easily collaborate on projects, regardless of their geographical locations.
Entities Exposed Events Collected Actions Supported Relations Supported
  • File
  • File Version
  • Changeset
  • File Added /Modified
  • File Version Added
  • Changeset Added
  • N/A
  • Changeset to Changeset added
  • Changeset to File added
  • File Version to File Added
  • Changeset to File Version Added

Use Case Example of Kovair Omnibus Integration with TortoiseHg

Using the Kovair TortoiseHg Adapter, the end-users also get complete traceability of Files, their versions and Changeset on each check-in. The integration goes a step further, facilitating the development team to view the file directly from TortoiseHg in Kovair. Using Kovair ALM and Omnibus as a Product Manager would provide complete traceability of Requirement to File and their versions.

Kovair Omnibus Integration with TortoiseHg