SwiftKanban Integration Adapter

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SwiftKanban is a powerful, yet intuitive Kanban software that helps manage your Lean/Agile initiatives. With powerful Visualization, Lean Analytics and user-friendly approach, SwiftKanban gives you the best Team Kanban and Enterprise/Portfolio Kanban capabilities. The product management teams primarily use SwiftKanban for managing user stories and related requirements.

Kovair provides a vendor-neutral integration platform called Kovair Omnibus Integration Platform, on which the best-of-breed tools can be integrated.

Kovair SwiftKanban Adapter

Kovair Omnibus Adapter for SwiftKanban connects Digite SwiftKanban with other connected tools in the ecosystem, by enabling bi-directional synchronization of work items. The adapter provides integration which allows disparate teams to collaborate without having to leave their respective work environments. The integration between SwiftKanban and development tools like Team Foundation Server or JIRA provides real-time visibility into development progress for the required top-level requirements. Moreover, product teams will be able to link all user stories, task and test cases associated with the top-level requirement. This facilitates the collaborators to see the same data in the ecosystem, irrespective of what application they use.

Features & Benefits

  • Collaboration across different delivery teams.
  • Complete visibility on the impacts of changes of the requirements to the engineering delivery timelines.
  • Real-time metrics from cross-tool data that can be used to generate reports and dashboards.

Why Integrate SwiftKanban with Kovair?

  • Collaboration: Kovair Omnibus Adapter for SwiftKanban and Development tools allows bi-directional data synchronization. The adapter with the Omnibus platform provides access to an undiluted common set of data for both the teams. The adapter facilitates synching of both system and custom fields with attachments and comments. Qualified items (cards) from SwiftKanban will synchronize with one or more development tools. Moreover, all the updates from the development tools will reflect in ‘SwiftKanban.
  • Reports and Dashboards: Kovair ALM platform has a powerful reporting engine. Based on the incoming data from SwiftKanban and Jira, users can generate different types of reports and dashboards.
Entities Exposed Events Collected Actions Supported Relations Supported
  • Card types will be exposed as entities. (e.g. User Story, Defect, etc)
  • To Do
  • Release
  • Sprint
  • Custom card type
  • Card Type – Add and Edit
  • ToDo – Add and Edit
  • Release – Add and Edit
  • Sprint – Add and Edit
  • Card Type
  • ToDo
  • Release
  • Sprint
  • Card Type to Release
  • Card Type to Sprint
  • Card Type to Card Type

Use Case Example – Integration between Swift Kanban and Team Foundation Server

The Product Management team creates a top-level requirement in User Story at SwiftKanban. User story appears as a card in Kanban. Based on the approval status, the User story gets copied to Team foundation server as Epics. The development team further breaks down the Epics into ‘Tasks’. Based on the Tasks, the codes are written and checked-in to TFS. The QA team also tests the code and associates the Bugs with Epics. Once all the tasks are completed and the bugs are closed, the development team changes the status of the story to ‘Done’. The status of the Epic as User story reflects SwiftKanban. The corresponding card in SwiftKanban also goes to the ‘completed’ column.