SMARTBEAR QAComplete Integration Adapter

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QAComplete is a Test management tool that helps teams to effectively manage the entire testing process in your company and deliver high quality software by streamlining Test Management, Release Management, Tracking Requirements and Defects across all projects.

Kovair SMARTBEAR QAComplete Adapter

Kovair adapter for QA Complete helps to achieve an integration scenario between Defect management tools like SMARTBEAR QA Complete and other ALM tools. The adapter has support for two primary entities — Reviews and Defects. It supports synchronization of reviews and defects across other defect management tools and makes it more interactive through synchronization of review comments and attachments.

Features & Benefits

  • Web-Based codeless configuration screens for easy configuration and customization.
  • Centralized data view for multiple tool projects.
  • End-to-End Traceability View of the exposed entities and related data from SMARTBEAR QAComplete Tool.
  • Track relevant fields like ID, Title of defects and issues for each release.

Why Integrate SMARTBEAR QAComplete with Kovair

  • Centralized Data View of Multiple QAComplete tool projects:
    Users can synchronize data from multiple tool projects and view it from other ALM Tool interfaces.
  • Uniform Configuration for Multi-Tool Integration:
    Kovair QAComplete adapter can integrate SMARTBEAR QAComplete tools using a uniform Point-and-Click Configuration method guided by Kovair Interactive UI.
  • End-to-End Traceability of Data and Streamlined Reports:
    The adapter can expose entities and the data related directly from SMARTBEAR QAComplete tool to Kovair Omnibus. This makes the data visible from other ALM tools that are integrated to the Kovair platform thereby maintaining traceability from requirement to test case and from test case to requirement. Data visible from End-to-End Traceability can be leveraged to create custom reports, and analytics using Kovair reporting engine.
  • Direct Implementation of Actions: The adapter enables users to take direct actions like Add/Modify/Delete directly through Omnibus.

Supported Services in Kovair SMARTBEAR QAComplete Adapter

Entities Exposed Events Supported Actions Supported Relations Supported
  • Defect
  • Test
  • Test Step
  • Test Set
  • Requirement
  • Run
  • Run Step
  • Release
  • Supports basic object events like Add for all entities.
  • Supports basic object events like Modify for all entities except Run and Run Step.
  • Supports basic Attachment events like Add and Delete for all entities.
  • Supports basic Comment events like Add for all entities.
  • Supports basic object actions like Add for all entities except Test Step, Run, and Run Step.
  • Supports basic object actions like Modify for all entities except Test Step, Run, and Run Step.
  • Supports basic Attachment actions like Add and Delete for all entities.
  • Supports basic Comment action like Add for all entities.
  • Test to Requirement
  • Test to Test
  • Test to Defect
  • Test to Release
  • Requirement to Requirement
  • Defect to Defect
  • Defect to Requirement
  • Defect to Release
  • Defect to Test Set
  • Test Set to Test
  • Test Set to Release
  • Release to Requirement

Use Case Example of Kovair SMARTBEAR QAComplete Integration

To understand how the Kovair SMARTBEAR QAComplete Integration works, let us consider an integration scenario between tools QAComplete, TFS, and Kovair Application

With the help of Kovair Omnibus and Kovair adapters, the tools are integrated with each other thereby creating an integrated scenario. Below is a step-by-step scenario explaining how the tools work in the integrated scenario:

  • In QAComplete, a new requirement is added along with attachment under a project.
  • The Requirement will get automatically synced along with the attachment inside the TFS tool under the registered target project.
  • Now when a comment and an attachment are added against the Requirement from the TFS tool, these comment and attachment will get automatically synced under the Requirement in the QAComplete tool.
  • In case if a defect arises, then the user can create a new Defect from the QAComplete tool, with proper description and attachment. This Defect can be linked to the Requirement in QAComplete tool.
  • The newly created Defect will get automatically synced along with the description and the attachment as Defect in the TFS tool. The Defect will also get linked to the Requirement inside the TFS tool.
  • After the Defect has been resolved, the Developer updates the status to Resolved in the TFS tool; providing supporting attachment and comment under the Defect.
  • The updated status in TFS tool will lead to automatic change of status to Resolved in QAComplete tool. The supporting attachment and comment will also get synced under the Defect in QAComplete tool.

Note: The adapter as developed and offered by Kovair follows the subject tool’s standard specifications. Any deviations from the Tool’s typical use pattern may not have been anticipated in our off-the-shelf product. For any customization or special configuration needs, please contact Kovair Sales –