Slack Integration Adapter

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Slack is a team collaboration tools that brings all your communication together in one single place. Team conversations in Slack can be organized into channels, based on teams, office departments, projects. Slack also allows users to share files, images, documents in different formats, add comments along with the shared files thus making collaboration more textual and transparent.

Kovair Slack Adapter

Kovair adapter for Slack helps to achieve integration scenario between Slack and other ALM tools, thereby enabling teams to collaborate, update and send notifications in real time across various channels. Integration with Slack using Kovair designed adapter enables team members to flow Channel records for individual entities into the target tool. Kovair Slack adapter ensures that all historical and current feedbacks are made available to each user with full context and in real time.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy flow of information enables team members to collaborate faster during high priority release, thus reducing communication cycle
  • Sends real-time notification to developers and testers.
  • Facilitates collaboration between team members geographically located across different regions.
  • Instant Build and Deployment status notification to the Operations team.
  • Bi-directional communication flow of comments for a given channel

Why Integrate Slack with Kovair?

  • Faster Collaboration: For high priority release, this can be a very useful integration where information can flow very fast without even opening the bug tracking tool.
  • Real-Time Notification: Developers and Testers are notified also real time. With Slack mobile app, they can check issue status on the go.
  • Geographical Scalability: This can more useful where teams are operating from two different geographical location and collaboration between two teams are tough.
  • Continuous Feedback: This can be very useful for DevOps scenario where continuous feedback is very necessary. Developer, Tester and Operations team can get notification and act very fast for each step.
  • Instant Build and Deployment Status Notification: Operations team can be notified immediately at any point of time that build and deployment is succeeded of failed. 
Entities Exposed Events Collected Actions Supported
  • Channel
  • Supports basic events like Add and Modify
  • Supports actions like Add and Modify

Use Case Example Of Kovair Slack Integration

Slack unifies your Projects team’s communication, thereby enhancing your project data flow. All the tools that you need are seamlessly integrated into a single Omnibus platform. To understand how Kovair Slack integration works, let us consider an integration scenario between Kovair Defect Management and Slack:

Example Of Kovair Slack Integration
  1. A consultant posts a Requirement in Kovair. The Requirement is added to Slack in the Requirement channel. The integration enables users to add comments against the Requirement, thereby enabling them to exchange feedbacks and information. Thus, further communication on the requirement can be done with the consultant and the Product Owner/ Manager through Omnibus Slack integration.
  2. Once the Requirement is finalized, the Product Owner can invite a Developer for the Job.
  3. All communication related to the requirement development can be done keeping the Developer and the Product Owner / Manager in loop through Omnibus Slack integration.
  4. Next, the Manage / Owner can invite the testing team to test it. Again, all the communication between the testing team and the manager can happen using the Omnibus integration.

Note: The adapter as developed and offered by Kovair follows the subject tool’s standard specifications. Any deviations from the Tool’s typical use pattern may not have been anticipated in our off-the-shelf product. For any customization or special configuration needs, please contact Kovair Sales –