Simulink Integration Adapter

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Simulink Integration

Mathwork’s Simulink is a visual modeling tool used to create design architecture for various project requirements in a model driven development environment. Kovair Omnibus allows users to link Simulink models with Requirements from Kovair or Kovair connected popular Requirement management tools like IBM DOORS Next Gen. The integration provides cross-tool traceability facilitating easy identification of design impact for the change in Requirements.

Features & Benefits

  • Bidirectional synchronization of exposed PLM components like PR, ECR, EN between Innovator and other ALM tools.
  • Easy monitoring of exposed PLM components from other tool IDEs through Omnibus integrated platform.

Kovair Simulink Integration adapter

Kovair Omnibus Simulink adapter allows users to link Simulink design specifications and requirements from Kovair directly to their implementation in MATLAB Simulink. Simulink Users can add, link, or browse linked requirements from within the Kovair Simulink Connector. Kovair exposes a menu in Mathworks Simulink that acts as a plug-in.

Kovair Omnibus Connector for Simulink allows bi-directional traceability between Simulink models and Kovair Omnibus Requirements Work Items. You can navigate from Simulink model elements to its associated Kovair ALM Requirements Work Item and vice versa.

For MATLAB users, it will be of great value to link model elements and subsystems in diagrams to the external requirements management system. Kovair Omnibus leverages this capability to enable linking of MATLAB model components to requirements managed in Kovair ALM. This has significant advantages for MATLAB users who design components in companies and industries with stringent compliance mandates.

The components of the adapter are:

  1. Kovair Simulink Adapter which is a web service
  2. Kovair Simulink Plug-in and
  3. Kovair Simulink Listener.

Kovair Omnibus currently supports integration with Simulink on Matlab R2014b.

Why integrate Simulink with Kovair

Enhanced Collaboration –Kovair’s integration with Simulink helps both developers and designers to stay connected to a single source of information thereby removing silos. When integrated with Omnibus, all stakeholders in ALM scenario can view changes in speciation from within their preferred IDEs, work on them immediately.

Absolute Traceability – The integration provides flexibility to create many-to-many links between Simulink Models and Kovair Requirement Items. One can create a link from multiple Simulink model elements to the same Requirement Item or link multiple Requirement Items to a single Simulink model element. The traceability information is stored both within the Simulink model and Kovair Requirements, enabling access from both the design and the requirements management environment.

This bi-directionality along with versioning and audit trails help facilitate collaborative design and requirements reviews in Model-Based Design workflows. For example, one can track the impact of changed/deleted requirements on your design.

Users can also link Kovair Omnibus Connected SCM repositories (Subversion, IBM ClearCase) to Simulink models and have traceability between models, requirements, and code.

Management Reporting – Using Kovair’s traceability matrix, managers can view published design items from Simulink and related requirements from Kovair, or other requirements management tools to do change impact analysis and conduct reviews. Once integrated with Kovair, Simulink models and blocks are automatically exported into Kovair native environment, including Simulink model preview.

All these visual representations of reports can be accessed remotely from Kovair’s centralized platform, which aids in risk management, process improvement, and project management.

Use Case Example of Kovair Simulink Integration

Kovair and Simulink integration

Fig: Kovair and Simulink integration