ServiceNow Integration Adapter

ServiceNow is the leading cloud-based IT service management platform for delivering business process automation across the organisations. It provides a single platform of repository for service management, integrated with a comprehensive IT Operations Management suite.

Kovair ServiceNow Adapter

The Kovair Omnibus Adapter for ServiceNow provides full scope collaboration between Service and Development teams. In order to increase Team efficiency and Agility, and also reduce operation cost, several organizations are integrating with the ServiceNow platform. The ITSM can also create silos of data if they are not planned and integrated meticulously with other connected tool systems in the ecosystem.

The integration with ServiceNow and other development tools provides the collaboration between the customer service and development teams. This, in turn, helps resolve the customer issues faster, and gives visibility to both teams based on customer priorities.

Features & Benefits

  • Bi-directional synchronization of ServiceNow artifacts, such as Incidents, Problems, Changes, Vendors and Knowledgebase with artifacts in other tools.
  • Automates actions on issues resulting from other integrated tools.
  • Streamlines incident tracking and resolution processes spanning across multiple tools.
  • Facilitates collaboration and keeps all stakeholders in sync with the latest changes and ensures smooth change propagation through lifecycle silos.

Why Integrate ServiceNow with Kovair?

  • Enhanced Collaboration – ServiceNow includes an Incident Management module to proactively manage the resolution of incidents. Kovair ServiceNow adapter allows incidents in ServiceNow to flow across the IT Operations boundary and get replicated in another tool like JIRA. Since the integration is bi-directional, any modification to the incident in a third-party tool is synchronized back to ServiceNow and vice-versa. Bi-directional synchronization, aggregated comments and inter-relationships ensure that all incidents are up-to-date, consolidated and easily viewable for better decision making and service delivery.
  • Traceability – Kovair Omnibus’ central framework, in collaboration with Kovair ServiceNow Integration adapter, allows creation and management of traceability relationships between ServiceNow incidents and other artifacts from other tools. Maintaining traceability from incidents to defect in JIRA reflects the stability of incidents and their implementation status.
  • Increase Team Productivity – Improve productivity by decreasing unproductive context-switching, reducing manual jobs and removing complexity. The development team can work smoothly in their tool, and can view, edit and update incident details as bug.
Entities Exposed Events Collected Actions Supported Relations Supported
  • Incident
  • Problem
  • Change Request
  • Knowledge Base
  • Knowledge
  • Task (incident)
  • Story
  • Defect
  • Epic
  • Theme
  • Application Model
  • Group
  • Scrum release
  • Enhancement
  • Add/ Edit /Delete events for all Entities
  • Add/ Edit /Delete Actions for all Entities
  • Any Exposed Entity with Any Entity
  • Incident to Problem
  • Incident to Change Request
  • Problem to Change Request

Use Case Example – Integration between ServiceNow and JIRA

The Service team receives live tickets from ServiceNow. User Incidents appear as a bug in JIRA. The incident arrives at JIRA using Kovair ServiceNow adapter, along with Omnibus and JIRA adapter. Incidents from the existing customers are copied to JIRA as ‘bugs’ with all the details like attachments and comments. The development team, then, works on the bug, updates the bug by changing status. The incident status gets synced back to the ServiceNow, where the live customer can see the resolution status with notes.