ServiceNow Agile Integration Adapter

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ServiceNow Agile is an offering that helps you manage product and software development efforts that use agile methods. It pulls your software development lifecycle workflows together in one system and connects them to other activities that already taking place in ServiceNow.

Kovair provides a vendor-neutral integration platform called Kovair Omnibus Integration Platform to which the best-of-breed tools can be integrated.

Kovair ServiceNow Agile Adapter

When you have multiple standalone tools for development, testing, and project tracking, there is a disconnect between enhancements and fixes, originating operations, change processes, and deployment. Integration pulls these software development life-cycle workflows together into one system. Agile Development manages scrum or waterfall development and helps you manage the backlog of tasks throughout the lifecycle, from inception through testing and deployment. Kovair adapter for ServiceNow helps to provide greater insight visibility into the entire software development lifecycle. The adapter supports exposing the primary artifacts like Incident, Problem, Epic, Theme, Change Request, Enhancement, Scrum Release, Story, Defect, Task, Knowledge Base and Application Models.

Features & Benefits

  • Integrate ServiceNow with both cloud-based and on-premise ALM tools.
  • Measure Key performance indicators across IT, not just IT operations or application lifecycles and use this data to generate accurate reports regarding project status.
  • Ensure cross-tool visibility, traceability, and process automation.

Why integrate ServiceNow agile with Kovair?

  • Collaboration – Customers need more transparency than ever before. Customers are able to access their service requests at any time of the day, as long as there is an internet connection. However, internal teams like engineering and testing often find difficult to have complete information and thus all parties involved have partial knowledge. Kovair Omnibus provides a centralized platform to monitor progress and accountability. Old communication processes that caused confusion, like emails and spreadsheets can be replaced with an integrated platform. Kovair platform includes workflow which enables tools to connect disparate functions, route requests, communication features like alerts and progress monitoring that alerts the correct groups or individuals.
  • Centralized data and reporting – ServiceNow integration enables the collection of actionable metrics and intelligence. This data can be used to produce reports and dashboards using Kovair’s reporting feature.
Entities Exposed Events Collected Actions Supported Relations Supported
  • Incident
  • Problem
  • Change Request
  • Knowledge Base
  • Knowledge
  • Task
  • Story
  • Defect
  • Epic
  • Theme
  • Application Model
  • Group
  • Scrum release
  • Enhancement
  • Add and Modify events for all the Entities.
  • Add and Modify events for all the Entities.
  • Any exposed Entity with any Entity.
  • Incident to Problem.
  • Incident to Change Request.
  • Problem to Change Request.

Use Case Example of Kovair Omnibus Integration with ServiceNow Agile

‘Kovair ServiceNow Integration Adapter’ lets you integrate ServiceNow with a wide array of on-premise ALM tools, such as Kovair ALM, JIRA, Microfocus ALM, and Azure DevOps as well as cloud-based tools like (SFDC). By integrating ServiceNow with ALM tools, you can allow your application development and IT operations teams to become more closely aligned to the business.

Use Case Example of Kovair Omnibus Integration with ServiceNow Agile

The new Story is added in ServiceNow agile which is when approved gets synced to Microfocus ALM through Kovair Omnibus. The Story from ServiceNow will appear as Requirements in ALM. Now based on the Requirements the internal team builds the software piece which is then tested at HPALM by creating Test Cases and Test Steps. On execution; runs are created, and Defects are also produced. When all the Defects are closed, and all the tests are passed in Microfocus ALM the Requirement status gets changed which then flows back to ServiceNow Agile. This helps the external team to know the clear status of the Story they have submitted. From Kovair’s central platform the entire traceability of Story to Requirement to Test Case to Test Step could be visible for the management team.