Redmine Integration Adapter

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Redmine is one of the leading open source tools for Issue Management that can be integrated with other popular defect management tools using the Kovair integration adapter for Redmine. Kovair Redmine Adapter facilitates seamless data flow from Redmine to other ALM or SDLC Tools in the market place. Currently, the Kovair Redmine Adapter supports all artifacts of the Redmine Issue Management features.

Features & Benefits

  • Manage all your Redmine artifacts and other ALM artifacts centrally.
  • Automate actions on issues resulting from other integrated tools such Hudson for Build Management, TFS for Requirements Management.
  • Ensure cross-tool visibility, traceability and process automation.
  • Allow project teams to work on issues from within their preferred tool environment and thereby enhance their productivity.
  • Streamline issue tracking and resolution processes spanning across multiple tools.
  • Allow the issue resolution process to become part of an organization-wide macro process covering the entire SDLC.
  • Automated issue tracking and cross-tool visibility
  • Support for both System and Custom Entities
  • Support for System and Custom Attributes
  • Support for one way Attachment
  • Ability to define customized business rules, and establish relations between objects of disparate ALM tools
  • Robust, reliable, and readily scalable enterprise-class architecture

Kovair Support for Redmine Integration

Kovair Omnibus Integration Platform maximizes the value of your Redmine deployment by providing seamless integration between Redmine and other best-of-breed tools used in different ALM modules such as HP ALM, TFS, TestLink, JIRA and IBM ClearQuest. Kovair supports the latest stable version of Redmine 2.5.2.

Kovair Redmine Integration Adapter provides painless integration with Redmine, resulting in visibility of Redmine Issues across tools, traceability and micro-level process automation. The integration ensures that all the artifacts across the development chain are integrated with each other and Issues or custom artifacts in Redmine can be traced back to the Test Cases and the corresponding Requirements. For instance, you can track Redmine Issues to the related Test Cases in TestLink and the Requirements in TFS.

The integration of Redmine with other ALM tools is not a point-to-point integration. Instead, it is based on a robust Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) architecture that requires only one adapter per tool, thereby making the integration environment easy to maintain and readily scalable.

Kovair Redmine Integration Adapter offers the followings:

Improved Collaboration

Issue Management often involves different teams working on different set of tools for tracking, reporting, monitoring, resolving and updating issues. Testers need to identify and report about the issues; developers need to analyze the issues, trace back to source requirements and debug them and Project Managers need to closely monitor if the issues have been identified and resolved in timely manner. Failing to do any of them can result in severe project failure.

Kovair Redmine Adapter ensures that Developers, Testers and Project Supervisors are well-connected throughout the project lifecycle and each of the team members are aware of who, what and why of all issues tracked in Redmine.

Absolute Traceability

Kovair Omnibus’s central framework, in collaboration with Kovair Redmine Adapter, allows creation and management of traceability relationships between Redmine Issues and other artifacts from other tools. Maintaining traceability from requirements to issues reflects the stability of requirements and their implementation status.


While adding an Issue in Redmine, a Tester can attach a relevant image file with the Issue. Kovair Redmine Integration Adapter allows such attachments to flow across the integrated tools along with the Issue information.

Integrated Issue Management

Traditional Issue Management, implemented in a single information silo can no longer address the complexity and agility of modern software development. To ensure project success, Issue Management processes must be seamlessly integrated with all other SDLC processes.

Thus, Integrated Issue Management is integral to all software organizations. Kovair Redmine Integration Adapter helps organizations in establishing the same by linking bugs, issues and features with corresponding test cases, requirements, and relevant design and code files.

Cross-tool Reporting

Kovair integration adapter for Redmine and other tools in relation help in attaining consolidated data about Issues/Features and other related artifacts and generate various reports for analysis. This helps in project monitoring, risk management and process enhancement.