Rational Test RealTime Integration Adapter

Identifying and fixing software defects early in the development cycle is mostly a manual, time-consuming and error-prone process. The testing teams cope with limited resources, time constraints, complex and cross-development environment and test execution platforms. Therefore, organizations need to automate the process of identifying and fixing defects.

IBM Rational Test RealTime software is a widely used component testing tool for developers. It automates the creation and deployment of component test harnesses, test stubs and test drivers. It allows development teams to generate profile memory and performance reports, analyze code coverage and visualize the behavior of a program execution.

Kovair RTRT Integration

Kovair Support for RTRT Integration

Kovair increases the capabilities of IBM Rational Rest RealTime tool by synchronizing it with Kovair Omnibus integration platform.

‘Kovair RTRT Integration Adapter’ offers one-way data synchronization between IBM RTRT and Kovair Omnibus, where data flows from RTRT to Kovair Omnibus. The Kovair adapter along with RTRTConsoleApp automatically collect relevant test reports from RTRT tool and updates the Omnibus platform for every new build in RTRT. RTRTConsoleApp is an application that pushes RTRT events to Kovair RTRT adapter.

By integrating IBM Rational Test RealTime with Kovair Omnibus, one can gain visibility into RTRT Reports such as Performance Profile, Code Coverage, Test Report and Memory Profile from within Kovair. These reports can be further used to update other team members involved in the development process. By applying a Kovair Policy, certain test metrics such as failed test cases collected from RTRT can be automatically routed to a defect tracking tool or other tools that are connected through Kovair Omnibus.

When Omnibus is connected to RTRT through ‘Kovair RTRT Adapter’ and RTRTConsoleApp, a copy of the Test Report file (.xrd file) from RTRT is added to Kovair RTRT Adapter. The adapter parses the report file to get the details of three artifacts – PTU, Service and Test. Omnibus adapter then generates events corresponding to them, zips the report file and sends it to Kovair Omnibus.

Note: The adapter as developed and offered by Kovair, follows the subject tool’s standard specifications. Any deviations from the Tool’s typical use pattern may not have been anticipated in our off-the-shelf product. For any customization or special configuration needs, please contact Kovair Sales – sales@kovair.com


  • Gain direct visibility into RTRT Test Reports from Kovair other third party tools connected through Kovair Omnibus.
  • Direct access to RTRT reports that include Performance Profile, Code Coverage, Test Report, Memory Profile.
  • Raise automatic defects in other tools for every failed test case collected from RTRT. This can be done by applying a Kovair Policy, based on project requirements.
  • Enable easy handling of Test Reports from RTRT. The reports are in HTML format and can be zipped together when imported to Kovair as an attachment.