Rational Quality Manager Integration Adapter

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IBM Rational Quality Manager (RQM) is a web-based centralized test management solution for businesses that count on quality-driven software and systems delivery. It’s collaborative and customizable solution for test planning, workflow control, tracking and metrics reporting help teams align project decisions and deliverables with business objectives.

Kovair Omnibus allows users to create a seamless development and test environment consisting of RQM and other best of breed tools from different vendors.

Features & Benefits

  • Capture test artifacts from RQM and link them to requirements, defects, development work items and builds in other tools of various ALM functions.
  • Execute RQM test cases linked with Automated Test Script directly from Kovair Application.
  • Enable direct execution of IBM Rational Functional Tester (RFT) scripts associated with RQM Test Cases.
  • Collect and view detailed information about test execution results from RQM such as test case name and id, start time and end time of a test execution, test result status (pass and fail), test scripts details, test result steps with description and the name of test case owner.
  • Analyze successful and failed test cases generated within RQM tool.
  • Create customized dashboards in Kovair for a consolidated view of testing procedures and test progress.
  • View complete traceability between Test cases, Test scripts, Test results and Test result steps.
  • Integrate test artifacts from RQM with any another defect Management tool for issue resolution.

Kovair Support for RQM Integration

The Kovair RQM Adapter exposes Test Plan, Test Suite, Test Case, Test Script, Step, Test Result, Result Step and Build from Rational Quality Manager and enables bi-directional synchronization between RQM and other best-of-breed tools connected to Omnibus. Kovair supports the latest stable version of RQM 5.0.

Using Kovair Omnibus, RQM users can perform the entire Test Management process starting from test execution of IBM RFT scripts to test reporting from within Kovair. Once the RQM tool is synchronized with Kovair Omnibus, all the relevant Test artifacts in RQM automatically appears in Kovair.

The integration solution has two components – RQM 5.0 adapter, which is a web service and RQM Event Service, which is a Windows service.

Kovair RQM Integration Adapter offers the followings:

Integrated Test Management

With the increasing complexity of testing scenarios, testers need to take an open and flexible approach in test management.

Kovair RQM integration adapter enables testing teams to manage the entire test life cycle in a heterogeneous environment. For example, when RQM is integrated with a 3rd party Requirement management tool like Jama through Omnibus Integration Platform, requirements from Jama can seamlessly flow to RQM. Similarly, test artifacts from RQM can flow to a defect management tool like JIRA or Bugzilla, when both are connected to Omnibus.

The Bus like architecture of Omnibus Platform ensures that any tool connected to Omnibus can easily plug in and plug out with RQM and there is a continuous flow of data between any two tools at any point of time.

Streamlined Development

It is important that Business analysts, Testers and Developers stay connected to each other throughout the development stages, no matter what tool or technology platform they use and from what location. Kovair establishes an integrated development environment for teams working in isolation.

Increased Productivity

Kovair Omnibus enables developers and testers to access the relevant cross-tool artifacts from their preferred tool environment. They do not need to learn new tools or log into the different tools to access the records which saves time and effort.

End-to-end Traceability

When RQM is integrated with Kovair Omnibus, developers can link change requests and defects to code files whereas testers can link defects to test cases and requirements. Thus, a complete traceability chain can be established throughout the product development stages.

Test Reporting

The Kovair-RQM integration allows Senior Management to access Test Cases, Test Scripts, Test Results in RQM from within Kovair and generate Test reports and Dashboards based on different Test metrics. The analysis of different test metrics helps evaluate testing procedures, identify the area of improvements and helps taking subsequent actions.

OSLC Linking Support

Kovair supports both synching and linking feature between RQM and other non-OSLC tools using Kovair OSLC Provider for RQM. This allows RQM users to create new artifacts in HP Quality Center, TFS, SharePoint, JIRA and similar OSLC non-compatible tools from within RQM.

Thus, Kovair RQM adapter synchronizes development teams’ effort; helps reducing defects and escalates product delivery schedules.