Rally Integration Adapter

Rally Software offers cloud computing-based solutions for managing agile software development. The company’s offerings include Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and Project Portfolio Management (PPM) platform and products. The Rally platform includes modules for project management, requirements management, reporting, time tracking, idea management, and quality and portfolio management.

Features & Benefits

  •  Bi-directional synchronization of Rally work items with other tools.
  • Adapter is light weight and capable of handling heavy data flow.
  • Uses light weight JSON Data for communication.
  • Plug-in functionality exposed. A user can view Tasks, User Story, Defects, Test Cases from their IDE (Eclipse, VSTS).
  • Easy to Configure.
  • Detects and handles Conflicts.
  • Allows to establish synchronization between Requirements Management, Quality Management, Project Portfolio Management, Release Management and Issue Management activities.
  • Allows to keep track of changes made in artifacts across tools.
  • Allows to impart traceability across artifacts.
  • Helps to generate cross-tools reports and dashboards.
  • Rally has connectors for different tools. Using Kovair Adapter for Rally those tools can be brought in to the integrated environment too.

Kovair Support for Rally Integration

Rally is exposed to the Kovair Omnibus Integration Platform through “Kovair Rally Integration Adapter“. The Adapter is responsible for integrating Rally with Omnibus and thereby to all the tools in the integrated scenario.

By integrating Rally with other ALM tools used for different phases of application lifecycle, organizations can sync data across the tools which are used for Requirements Management, Test Management, Release Management, Issue Management and Build Management.

Here is what this integration provides:

  • Allows the developers to view Tasks, User Stories, Defects, Test Cases from their IDE, such as Eclipse, without logging in to Rally.
  • With access to other ALM applications, cross-tools reporting and Scrum progress tracking become easy.
  • Allows to migrate iteration-wise User Stories and related Tasks from Rally to Project Management tools such as MS Project; users can Add, Modify or Delete Tasks there and get the corresponding records updated in Project Management platform.
  • Allows to determine roll-up view of User Stories.
  • Options to migrate records from different ALM tools to a single tool and thus maintain a single repository, or keep using multiple tools in an integrated environment.
  • The integration offers value-added Agile experience!

Kovair Rally Integration Adapter offers the followings:

Increased Visibility

  • By integrating Rally with other ALM tools, organizations can get better visibility of processes. Changes in artifacts inside any tool get reflected across all connected applications.
  • Developers can view User Stories, Defects, Tasks, Test Cases from their IDE. No need to log in to any other applications.
  • Kovair enables cross-tools reporting; data flows from all the tools in both the directions and can be plotted over charts, tables or other reporting tools
  • All the phases of ALM and tools used to manage those phases come under one umbrella.

Larger ALM Environment

As Rally gets connected with other ALM tools, the span of ALM ecosystem grows larger. Top of that, Rally provides connectors for some applications. Using Kovair Adapter for Rally, together with Rally Connectors, users can connect to the Rally-supported tools as well.

Examples of Rally Integrations

1. ServiceNow-Rally Integration

This video explains how Kovair helps Operations Teams working in ServiceNow to collaborate with Development teams working in Agile based environment, and thus improving customer support system by providing real-time engagement on the development progress.

This clearly increases the span of integrated ALM environment. As it becomes easy to establish link among several other tools, the scope of reporting, process automation etc. increase progressively. This leads to end-to-end traceability, better monitoring and improved performance for the teams working remotely.