PTC Windchill Integration Adapter

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Kovair Windchill adapter integrates PTC Windchill and other best of breed ALM tools to bring the best of both worlds in your software-hardware production process.

An integrated ALM and PLM environment enables users to bring together the key strengths of Application Lifecycle Management tools — management of requirements, features, test cases, test results, defects and code — and integrates them with the capabilities of Product Lifecycle Management tools like management of product changes, bill of materials, product configurations, and product compliance.

Kovair Omnibus is the central platform that facilitates this data flow and exchange from an ALM tool to a PLM tool and vice-versa.

Kovair Omnibus Integration Platform uses point and click configuration to create automated integration rules based on which a seamless integration between Windchill Tool and other ALM Tools is created. When integrated with the adapter, it automates the flow of Windchill Artifacts to other ALM tools. This creates an end-to-end traceability through which the activities of the Windchill tool and that of other integrated ALM tools can be easily monitored.

The adapter can also trigger custom actions in other ALM Tools based on Events occurring inside Windchill.

Kovair WindChill Adapter Datasheet

Key Highlights of Kovair Windchill Adapter

Kovair Windchill Adapter when integrated with Omnibus platform offers the following benefits –
  • Uniform Configuration for Multi-tool Integration Kovair Windchill Adapter can integrate Windchill with other ALM Tools using Omnibus guided by Kovair interactive UI.
  • Centralized Data View of Multiple Windchill Tool Instances Users can synchronize data from multiple products of Windchill instance and track it from other connected ALM Tools.
  • End-to-End Traceability and Streamlined Reports The adapter can expose entities and the data related to it from Windchill tool to Kovair Omnibus. This makes the data visible from other ALM tools that are integrated to the Kovair platform. The same data can be leveraged to create end-to-end traceability, custom reports, and analytics using Kovair reporting engine.
Entities Exposed Events Collected Actions Supported Relations Supported
Product Add and Modify Add, Modify, and Delete
  • Product to Change Request
  • Product to Change Notice
  • Product to Change Task
  • Product to Issue
  • Product to Variance
Change Request Add, Modify, and Attachment Add, Modify, and Delete
Change Notice Add, Modify, and Attachment Add, Modify, and Delete
Change Task Modify and Attachment Modify and Delete
Issue Add, Modify, and Attachment Add, Modify, and Delete
Variance Add, Modify, and Attachment Add, Modify, and Delete
Windchill Adapter Integration Usecase

Using Kovair Windchill Adapter, we aim to achieve the integration of PTC Windchill PLM tool and other ALM tools, integrated to Kovair Omnibus. This helps us to bridge a gap between the Operations, the Development, and the PLM Team.

Let us consider the scenario where a user story is created inside JIRA. Any User Story created inside the JIRA tool will be added as Change Notice inside Windchill PLM tool, where the modifications done on the Change Notice is then synced back to the JIRA tool in real time. Teams using JIRA tool can get real time updates of the story they had raised.

The Change Notice that is added against a Product inside the Windchill tool leads to the creation of Change Tasks, which can then be tracked against a particular product. When the Windchill tool is integrated with Kovair Omnibus Enterprise Service Bus, all the logged artifacts inside the Windchill tool will become traceable from Kovair platform as well as from other ALM tools that are connected to it.

Thus based on the work done by the Engineering team using Windchill tool, the entire product lifecycle data can be captured and traced along corresponding ALM tool data managed by JIRA.

Jira windchill usecase


  • Enhance Collaboration & Predictability
  • In-depth Visibility and Traceability
  • Improved product quality by reducing product tickets due to better control over end-to-end life cycle.
  • ESB based configuration guided by Kovair interactive UI to integrate Windchill tool with other ALM tools.
  • Easy monitoring of exposed PLM components from other code editor and compiler tools through Omnibus integration platform.
  • End-to-End traceability of items, making data visible from the Windchill tool to other ALM tools.
  • Centralized view of multiple Windchill product line from other ALM tools.