Polarian Integration Adapter

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Polarian Software is a leading browser-based unified platform for Requirements, Quality and Application Lifecycle Management (ALM). It serves a wide range of industries from automotive to healthcare to aerospace. Kovair provides a vendor-neutral integration platform called Kovair Omnibus Integration Platform, on which the best-of-breed tools can be integrated. Kovair adapter for Polarian provides Collaboration and bi-directional Traceability of assets for engineers across all lifecycle phases.

Kovair Polarian Adapter

Kovair Omnibus Adapter for Polarian connects Polarian ALM with other connected tools in the ecosystem, by enabling bi-directional synchronization of work items. The adapter provides integration which allows disparate teams to collaborate without having to leave their respective work environments. Kovair Omnibus Polarian ALM integration to connect Polarian products to tools like Micro Focus ALM, Jira, and other tool teams can increase productivity through real-time seamless collaboration across best-of-breed tools. Omnibus integration helps to achieve the cross-tool traceability and reporting, including tracing of defects found during test execution, eliminating the need for the manual job of doing the same.

Features & Benefits

  • Collaboration across different delivery teams.
  • Complete visibility on the impacts of changes of requirements to tests to Defects.
  • Maximizes team efficiency by allowing each team to use the tool, best suited for its works.

Why Integrate Polarian with Kovair?

  • Collaboration: Organizations that use multiple tools through different phases of their development process, often take advantage of best-of-breeds tools for each of the life cycle segments. They often face the problem of efficient communication between the teams These problems can be mitigated by adopting Omnibus integration platform. It allows a seamless flow of information and hence, increases the traceability among the discreet teams.
  • Reports and Dashboards: Kovair ALM platform has a powerful reporting engine. Based on the incoming data from Polarian and Microfocus ALM, users can generate different types of reports and dashboards.
  • Productivity: Maximizes team level efficiency by allowing each team to use the tool best suited for its work and overall collaboration. Thus, from a management perspective, the projects are executed in unison.
Entities Exposed Events Collected Actions Supported Relations Supported
  • All major Custom and System Entities like Requirements, Test Case, Defects etc.
  • Add and Edit for all system and Custom Entity items
  • No Support for Delete operation
  • Add and Edit for all system and Custom Entity items
  • No Support for Delete operation
  • Any entity to another including self

Use Case Example – Integration between Polarian and Microfocus ALM

Business analysts may use Polarian to define, collect, manage requirements and develop business-driven applications. Testers use the requirements coming from Polarian in Microfocus ALM to create Test Case and perform automated and manual testing; then based on the execution, submit defects and thus manage the quality of Requirements. The Test Case and the Defects again flow back to Polarian with the Omnibus integration in place. Through ALM and Polarian adapter, organizations can achieve transparency in terms of data flow. It is important that both the teams can view the artifacts and their interrelationships across the toolsets and work on actionable items.