Pivotal Tracker Integration Adapter

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‘Kovair Pivotal Tracker Integration Adapter’ lets you integrate Pivotal Tracker with other best-of-breed tools such as JIRA, GitHub, Jenkins, CA PPM, Rally etc. By integrating Pivotal Tracker with these tools, organizations can get centralized visibility into its portfolio of IT projects, timelines, and opportunities.

Pivotal Tracker is an agile project management software that guides you for iteration planning of project requirements, helps you break down epics to create stories, estimate and prioritize backlogs, associate related task, provide a real time view into project progress and track team’s velocity, But using an agile planning tool in isolation with variety of other ALM tools being used by other project stakeholders like developers, QA/ testers, operations can create the very problem that ‘Pivotal Tracker’ aims to resolve i.e. delay in delivery, resource optimization.

Features & Benefits

  • Allows you to automatically synchronize, epic, stories, task and activities between Pivotal Tracker and other ALM tools.
  • Eliminates the duplication of entries for projects, epic, stories, activities and tasks.
  • Provides complete visibility into all project progress & deliverables.
  • Ensures cross-tool visibility, end-to-end traceability, and process automation.
  • Provides real-time information and consistent control across a diverse range of ALM tools.
  • Focus on adopting the best practices.
  • Supports estimation to determine the team’s velocity and provides shared expectations of what work will be delivered in well-defined timeframes.
  • Conflict detection and mediation
  • 360° visibility into project progress status, and deliverables.
  • Bi-directional synchronization of Pivotal Tracker projects, epics, stories, tasks, and activities with other tools.
  • Robust, reliable, and readily scalable enterprise-class architecture.
  • Consolidated data collection and reporting to aide project assessment
  • Support for CI (Continuous Integration)
  • Faster implementation of Change Requests and Defect resolution.

Kovair Pivotal Tracker integration Adapter

‘Kovair Pivotal Tracker Adapter’ allows one to integrate Pivotal Tracker with best-of-breed 80+ tools in Omnibus ecosystem. Thus, artifacts of Pivotal Tracker like epic, stories, task and activities are can easily be synced to other target tools and vice versa.

When items are created and modified in another connected system, the changes are reflected in target project of Pivotal Tracker. It will always automatically reflect the most up-to-date project status, while other tools can be used as the system of record and engagement for their specialist activities. Omnibus enables the developers to view and update Pivotal Task, User Stories from the IDE itself without moving into another tool. Once code is checked in to SCM like GitHub enterprise, cross tool bi-directional relationship is established and automatic build is fired enabling CI/ CD. Currently, integration for Pivotal Tracker Cloud (Version 1.13.8 0ed5eb7) is supported.

Kovair Pivotal Tracker Integration Adapter workflow Fig: Kovair Pivotal Tracker Integration Adapter workflow

Why Integrate Pivotal Tracker with Kovair

Agile Planning

With Pivotal Tracker integrated into the eco-system, users can push Epics and User Stories from Pivotal Tracker to Rally and update Feature status in Rally as engineering does their work. Changes in Rally will be immediately reflected in Pivotal Tracker. This bi-directional integration allows senior management to track different project status. This integration allows users to view requirements linked to a specific feature, release or product.

Issue/ Change Management

Changes in requirements are inevitable in product development, and changes need to be managed efficiently to ensure project success. JIRA lets you manage change requests and defects identified and reported by test teams throughout the development lifecycle and have better visibility and control over the development processes. By integrating Pivotal Tracker with JIRA, you can extract JIRA project issues and change requests, replicate and store them Stories as Pivotal Tracker.


Relations between artifacts managed in Pivotal Tracker also get synchronized with other tools in the integrated scenario. Events occurring in Pivotal Tracker can be trapped and used to generate one or more actions for other integrated tools. Using Kovair Omnibus platform complete traceability from Project, Epic, and Stories to Task can be tracked through a single interface. Thus allows the senior management to track the status of Projects and Issues. Stories created at Pivotal by syncing JIRA issues will be traced to the original item in Jira through item URL as links in a comment, also one can trace the Pivotal Items at Jira through any comments. Thus bidirectional traceability link between items of two tools can be established.

Key Role in CI/CD

Kovair Omnibus Integration with Pivotal Tracker enables Continuous Integration (CI) for various agile teams working in a distributed fashion. When CI works well, it helps the code stay robust enough that customers and other stakeholders can play with the code whenever they like. Omnibus enables the developers to view and update Pivotal Task, User Stories from the IDE itself without moving into another tool. Once code is checked in to SCM like GitHub enterprise, cross bidirectional relationship is established and automatic build is fired.

Project Metrics

Project progress and performance metrics data can be collected from Pivotal Tracker and displayed in connected tools. These are real time data, coming straight from the source tools being used to manage different functionalities including Requirements Management, Design, Development, Testing and Project Management.

Examples of Pivotal Tracker Integration

Kovair Pivotal Tracker - Rally Integration


As shown in the above example, you can integrate Pivotal Tracker and Rally so that Initiative in Rally are replicated in Pivotal Tracker as Project and Features in Rally are replicated in Pivotal Tracker as Epics and User Stories. Tasks can be generated and prioritized based on the user stories.

CA Clarity PPM – Pivotal Tracker Integration

As shown in the above example, you can integrate CA Clarity PPM with Pivotal Tracker so that Epic in Pivotal are replicated in CA Clarity PPM as high level tasks providing the senior management and PMO a transparent detailed view on current projects, performance trends and help them take better strategic decisions.