Thoughtworks Mingle Integration Adapter

Mingle is an Agile project management solution from ThoughtWorks Studios. It is widely used by Developers and Testers for tracking defects, managing tasks, planning sprints, managing backlogs, managing agile projects and workflows. However, collaborating on Mingle projects and cards with extended software development teams is a major challenge. Cross-functional ALM tools don’t have built-in integration with Mingle which makes project visibility, traceability and reporting a major concern.

Kovair Omnibus integration can increase the productivity of your project team by providing a seamless connection between Mingle and other lifecycle tools like HP QC, TFS, using a single platform. Users can configure Omnibus Platform to perform various actions like adding, modifying artifact records in Omnibus connected tools and then automatically get them updated in Mingle. E.g. Requirements added in Jama or RequisitePro or DOORS can be added and managed as User stories in Mingle and vice versa using Kovair Omnibus Integration Platform. Testers can add defects in HP QC and get them automatically replicated to Mingle as defect.

Kovair Mingle Integration

Why integrate Mingle with Kovair

Enhanced Collaboration

Agile project management involves iterative and incremental method of managing development life cycle processes. While Mingle supports Agile practices, integrations with disparate tools provide faster collaboration removing organizational silos. Thus tracking project progress and resolution of issues through quick responses can be easily implemented. E.g. while integrated with Omnibus, developers using Eclipse can immediately start working on defect analysis and resolution for Issues identified and reported in Mingle.

Integrated Project Management

Global teams working at multiple locations and using different project management and agile planning tools like MS Project, Rally and Mingle can face problem in coordination of artifacts which affects project delivery goals. Kovair-Mingle integration facilitates organization-wide collaboration between development teams, project managers and other stakeholders irrespective of the heterogeneous IT environment they are from.

Absolute Traceability

Kovair Omnibus’s central framework, in collaboration with Kovair Mingle Integration adapter, allows creation and management of traceability relationships between Mingle cards of different types and artifacts from other tools, thus creating stability of requirements and their implementation status.

Improved Productivity

Kovair Omnibus Integration improves overall productivity because employees make better use of the tools they already know; and when tool is not the concern, they can focus on other important aspects of their roles. With Kovair Omnibus, data exchange between Mingle and other tools becomes an automated event-action based activity which saves time in tool operation and employee productivity.

Management Reporting

With Kovair Omnibus integration, consolidated data about user stories or requirements, tests, defects and related artifacts can be used for analysis and reporting of defect information. This assists the Management with risk management, process improvement, and project management goals.

Use Case example of Kovair Mingle Integration

The following use case diagram explains how Kovair-Mingle integration can increase performance and productivity of your project team providing a seamless connection between project management and other ALM tools.

Use case example of kovair mingle integration

Fig: Use Case example of Kovair Mingle Integration

Note: The adapter as developed and offered by Kovair follows the subject tool’s standard specifications. Any deviations from the tool’s typical use pattern may not have been anticipated in our off-the-shelf product. For any customization or special configuration needs, please contact Kovair Sales –


  • Integrate Mingle with other, requirements management,  defect tracking and testing tools allowing backlog and sprint data to flow freely between Mingle and other tools
  • Allows project teams to work on Mingle   data of type ‘stories’, ‘features’, ‘bugs’, tasks etc. from within their preferred tools and thereby enhance their productivity.
  • Automates Add and Modify actions on Mingle artifacts like bugs, tasks, stories etc. resulting from other tools integrated through Kovair Omnibus.
  • Enables Mingle users to view and work on requirements, tests, defects in other lifecycle tools from within Mingle
  • Enforces traceability by linking Mingle issues with other lifecycle resources, such as requirements, test cases, and tasks.
  • Kovair Omnibus fully captures artifact status from Mingle Kanban. Also, artifacts changed in other tools can be directly reflected in the Kanban board.


  • Exposes all artifacts of Mingle to Kovair and Kovair integrated tools, thus allowing Mingle cards widely accessible to multiple users from third-party tools.
  • Bi-directional support for Add/Edit option for entities in both Mingle and Kovair enabling total collaboration of artifacts across development life cycle.
  • Support for addition of Custom Fields, Attachments and Comments in Mingle, catering to additional business requirements for project teams.
  • Support for Relations among all Mingle   entities (i.e. Cardinality supported are one to many, many to one and many to many)   e.g. Story to Story, Story to Defect, Story to Feature.
  • Support for Sync-back action for all fields enable auto-updating source tool for the records added to the target tool.