Microfocus ALM Octane Integration Adapter

ALM Octane is a comprehensive lifecycle management solution that accelerates enterprise Agile transformations for high-quality application delivery at enterprise scale while leveraging existing investments.

Kovair Microfocus ALM Octane Integration Adapter

Kovair adapter for Microfocus ALM Octane helps to extend the capabilities of the Microfocus ALM Octane tool to other ALM tools used in an integration setup, thereby providing comprehensive end-to-end control of the data flow and syncing capabilities from the source tool to the target tool. When DevOps tools like Kovair ALM, Micro Focus ALM, Atlassian tools, ServiceNow, IBM Rational product suite, and other Microsoft product suite applications are integrated with ALM Octane, all information related to quality management flow bi-directionally between applications – providing end-to-end traceability in software development.

Features & Benefits

  • Synchronize data related to Defect, Epic, Feature, User Story, Manual Test, Gherkin Test, Test Suite, Suite Run, Manual Run, Tasks from ALM Octane to target tools.
  • Provides complete visibility of application performance from a single interface.
  • Supports end-to-end traceability and generation of Real-time metrics based on which quality, progress, change impact, code coverage can be properly analyzed.

Why Integrate Microfocus ALM Octane with Kovair

  • Accelerate Delivery: By using the Kovair adapter to integrate with ALM Octane tool, users of Microfocus Octane is a lifecycle management solution for high-quality application delivery with existing investments. Integration of ALM Octane using Kovair Omnibus with defect and issue tracking systems, Quality Assurance (QA) systems, and operations systems, such as support desk, helps in streamlining business and development goals. It also helps in accelerating the speed of product delivery.
  • Traceability: Kovair Omnibus platform’s support for complete traceability enables development and quality teams to determine the root cause of issues by linking user stories, defects, and tests to source code management systems and providing stack-trace details as well as associating failed builds to failure causes to help triage future build failures.

Services Supported in Kovair Microfocus ALM Octane Adapter

Exposed Entities Supported Events Supported Actions
  • Defect
  • Epic
  • Feature
  • User Story
  • Manual Test
  • Gherkin Test
  • Test Suite
  • Suite Run
  • Manual Run
  • Task
  • Supports basic events like Add and Edit for all entities.
  • Supports basic actions like Add, Edit, and Delete for all entities

Use Case Scenarios with Kovair Microfocus ALM Octane Integration

Let us consider a typical integration scenario between tools JIRA, Kovair, and Octane.

Use Case Scenario 1: Considering Octane as the Source Tool and Jira as the Target Tool

Microfocus ALM Octane is also used for defect tracking. The defect is synced to Jira Software project as a bug using both Octane and Jira adapter. The development team works on Jira Defect and the updates are synced back to Micro Focus ALM Octane and the defect is resolved. Moreover, using Kovair platform one can also trace the data traceability.

Kovair ALM Octane Integration

Use Case Scenario 2: Tickets from Service Now to Octane

Incident are tracked in ServiceNow by the support agent across the globe. A corresponding defect is created in ALM Octane by Kovair Microfocus ALM Octane Adapter for rectification. The defect is rectified and the incident ticket is updated automatically in ServiceNow.

Kovair ALM Octane Integration

Use Case Scenario 3: Requirement from RDNG to Octane

Product requirements are captured in IBM RDNG. The requirement is synced automatically to Microfocus ALM Octane using the Kovair adapter, tested for defect and all updates are synced back to IBM RDNG requirement.

Kovair ALM Octane Integration

Note: The adapter as developed and offered by Kovair follows the subject tool’s standard specifications. Any deviations from the Tool’s typical use pattern may not have been anticipated in our off-the-shelf product. For any customization or special configuration needs, please contact Kovair Sales – sales@kovair.com