MantisBT Integration Adapter

MantisBT is an open source issue tracking tool used to track software defects or bugs. It is widely used by Developers and Testers for tracking defects, managing tasks, planning sprints, managing backlogs, and managing agile projects and workflows.

Kovair Omnibus maximizes the functional and operational value of Mantis by making its issue records easily available to other testing and development tools involved in a project.

Features & Benefits

  • Allows project teams to work on Mantis issues from within their preferred tool environment and thereby enhancing their process efficiency, cross-team visibility and productivity.
  • Streamlines defect tracking and resolution processes spanning across multiple tools.
  • Automates creation of issues in Mantis from failed test cases recorded in other test tools like HP QC, TestLink etc.
  • Acts as a centralized data repository for creating consolidated reports on issue resolution progress.
  • Enforces traceability by linking MantisBT issues with other lifecycle resources, such as requirements, test cases and code files in other tools.
  • Bi-directional support for Add/Edit/Delete option for comments and attachments, enabling total collaboration of defect information across Mantis and other Kovair connected tools
  • Support for adding custom field types in Mantis, catering to better definition of issues as per business requirement
  • Bi-directional support for Add/ Edit/ Delete option for issues in both Mantis and Kovair
  • Support for Sync-back action for certain fields like ID and Item URL, thus auto-updating source tool for the records added to the target tool
  • Support for conflict mapping

Kovair MantisBT Integration Adapter

Kovair Omnibus integration platform with the help of ‘Kovair MantisBT Integration Adapter’ can increase performance and productivity of your project team by providing a seamless connection between Test management, defect tracking and SCM tools. Users can configure Omnibus Platform to perform actions like adding and modifying issue records from Omnibus connected tools like HP QC, TestLink as well as adding new issues to SCM tools like SVN, RTC, TFS for resolution. This helps achieve Continuous Integration goals through transparent and faster resolution of issues.

This integration ensures that all the artifacts across the development chain are tightly integrated and issues in MantisBT can be traced back to the corresponding test cases and associated requirements regardless of the tools involved in between. For example, you can trace a MantisBT issue back to its test case in HP QC or Test Link and then the source requirement, which is detailed out in TFS.

The integration of Mantis with other ALM tools is not a point-to-point integration. Instead, it is based on the robust Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) architecture, thereby making the integration environment easy to maintain and readily scalable.

There are two components of the adapter: 1) Kovair Mantis adapter which is a web service and 2) Kovair Mantis Event service

Kovair Omnibus currently supports integration with MantisBT version 1.2.19.

Why integrate MantisBT with Kovair

Enhanced Collaboration

While identifying and reporting defects are the responsibilities of Testers; defect analysis, investigation, and defect resolution are the concerns of Developers. Kovair’s integration with Mantis keeps both developers and testers connected to a single source of information for all issue management related activities. When integrated with Omnibus, developers can view issues from Mantis from within their preferred IDEs, work on the code files in SCM tools for necessary changes and then update the issue status as ‘Resolved’ without leaving the development tool setup.

Integrated Defect Management

Kovair’s integration with Mantis helps organizations automate issue capturing from test tools, triggering issues to development tools for fixing and then send automated notifications to testers and other stakeholders upon issue resolution – all in a well-synchronized environment.

Absolute Traceability

Kovair Omnibus’s central framework, in collaboration with Kovair MantisBT Integration adapter, allows creation and management of traceability relationships between MantisBT issues and corresponding test cases, requirements, and relevant design and code files, creating stability of requirements and their implementation status.

Management Reporting

With Kovair’s centralized reporting engine, consolidated data about Mantis issues and related artifacts like test cases and test runs can be used for analysis and reporting of defect information. This assists QA managers to get a real-time update of issues that need to be analyzed/ are under analysis/ resolved/closed or sent back to engineering.

All these visual representations of reports can be accessed remotely from Kovair’s centralized platform, which aids in risk management, process improvement, and project management.

Use Case Example of Kovair MantisBT Integration

The following use case diagram explains how Kovair-MantisBT integration can increase performance and productivity of your project team providing a seamless connection between testing and development teams.

Collaboration among Dev and Ops Team on Issues through Kovair-MantisBT Integration

Fig: Collaboration among Dev and Ops Team on Issues through Kovair-MantisBT Integration