Katalon Studio Integration Adapter

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Katalon Studio is a comprehensive toolset for web and mobile app automation testing. This tool includes a package of powerful features that help to overcome common challenges in web UI test automation.

Kovair Katalon Studio Integration Adapter

The Kovair Katalon Studio integration provides users to sync Katalon Studio test cases, test Suites, test execution results and execution results to Kovair or any other connected tools through Kovair Omnibus integration platform. Users of Katalon Studio can add test cases along with Folder information – the same information can be extracted from Katalon Studio through Kovair Omnibus Plug-in. Moreover, post execution test suites and test execution Results will flow from Katalon Omnibus.

Features & Benefits

  • Integration provides seamless flow of data from Katalon for test automation activities and artifacts into the Central ALM platform.
  • Test case along with its folder information can be synced to Kovair.
  • Test suite, test execution results and execution results can be synced from Katalon Studio.
  • Hosts and environment related to test execution can be tracked easily after every execution.

Benefits of Katalon Studio Integration Adapter

Cross Team Data Visibility: Kovair Katalon studio Integration allows ALM users to manage, track, and reports all testing activities and artifacts in software projects. Integrating with Katalon Studio allows the system to augment test automation effectively. Data from test suites, test cases and execution results can be summarized in the central Kovair repository. Automation test results and execution outputs are synced to Kovair automatically, hence will increase cross tool visibility.

  • Traceability of Artifacts: The integration between Katalon Studio and Kovair ALM brings benefits to the users of both systems. Synced artifacts of Katalon Studio can be traced easily from Kovair ALM’s traceability view or traceability report. This kind of report is always beneficial for the test management team to analyze test execution after every automation regression. This integration also allows test managers to leverage Kovair report engine for better management of test coverage and activities.
  • Better Visibility of Execution Results: Separate entity for test execution result will enable Management team, development team or QA team to see passed/failed reports from the list and they can generate any kind of report from this data through Kovair’s rich report engine.

Use Case Scenarios in Kovair iTM with Katalon Studio

Integrating the different tools with Kovair Omnibus platform can help to achieve Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment. Organizations generally use Remedy or ServiceNow for ITSM or Helpdesk Management. When a Change Request Ticket is created using Remedy / ServiceNow, the information will get automatically updated as User Stories or Defects in Rally / VersionOne / JIRA. These User Stories or Defects can then be allotted as sprints; which can be viewed by developers and testers from tools like Eclipse, TFS, HP QC, Kovair iTM. Once the coding has been completed, developers will check the code inside Source Code Management like SVN / TFS / Git, followed by automatic build trigger using tools like Maven / MS Build and automatic deployment using deployment tools like Chef / Puppet / Ansible. Testers can also execute automated test cases with tools like Katalon Studio. The test results can be captured and linked to test cases. Defects for failed test cases can be raised using Kovair Defect Management / Rally / JIRA. Kovair Omnibus Platform provides complete visibility of test records such as test cases, test suites, test execution results, defects, and their interrelationships.

Use Case Scenarios in Kovair iTM with Katalon Studio