Jama Contour Integration Adapter

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Jama is a popular requirements management solution that helps organizations with better and faster product definition and facilitates product delivery using Agile methods.

‘Kovair Jama Contour Adapter’ integrates Contour with the other Application Lifecycle Management tools to create a unified software development ecosystem. This enables data visibility across different Best-of-Breed tools from different vendors being used in the organization. User Stories, Test Cases, Test Runs and Defects from Jama are exposed as separate entities from the Kovair Jama Contour Adapter. The Adapter also supports any custom entities that may be defined in the Jama Contour platform.

Features & Benefits

  • Provides bi-directional synchronization of Requirements and other artifacts along with links between Jama Contour and other ALM tools.
  • Connects Requirements Management system with Agile development tools for real-time update on defects getting raised and resolved.
  • Enhances collaboration between system engineering and software engineering teams on Requirement artifacts by removing manual handoffs.
  • Facilitate customer support system implement new feature request by aligning helpdesk, product / system managers, agile developers and testers.
  • Reports and Metrics from Kovair can be used to track progress in different stages of the application lifecycle.
  • Allows the team members to work on all ALM artifacts from their preferred tool environment and thereby help in their productivity growth.
  • Provide near real-time visibility to stakeholders across the organization and keeps everyone in sync
  • Connect everything together with end-to-end traceability and impact analysis
  • Support relations between Jama Epics and associated User Stories during integration
  • Support for users to configure integration rules and establish relations between objects of disparate ALM tools
  • Support for data transformation through robust formula expression builders
  • Built-in reliability mechanisms to ensure zero error synchronization
  • Enables integration with On-Premise instance and with cloud instance. A special REST permission is required for API access.
  • Enterprise-class security and vulnerability handling
  • Event-Action based integration rules are easy to understand and maintain

Kovair Jama Integration Adapter

Facilitated Agile Development

Using Kovair integration, business analysts and product managers can easily flow Jama requirements, Epics, user stories to developers using Agile planning tools like CA Agile Central, JIRA Agile for managing their sprints. For example, once a developer implements a user story and updates defects raised in JIRA, the status along with the link between User Story and Defect automatically syncs back to the Jama user. Testers can also align their test objects with rest of the team members during the sprints and collaborate on every stage of the lifecycle.

Easy to Configure

The users can easily configure the integration rules in Kovair’s web-based application with simple mouse clicks and without the need of any coding.

Central Workflow

The workflow capabilities of the Kovair ALM application can also be used in conjunction with the Omnibus platform and the Kovair Jama Contour Adapter to create centralized workflows cutting across tool boundaries.

Enhanced Help Desk Management

Jama integration with HelpDesk applications allows IT support teams to automatically submit a new feature or change request as a User Story in Jama.

Kovair Jama Adapter Support Details

Entities Exposed Events Collected Actions Supported Relations Supported
  • Requirement
  • Feature
  • Use Case
  • Test Case
  • Defect
  • Change Request
  • User Story
  • Epic
  • Usage Scenarios
  • Text
  • Test Plan
  • Component
  • Set
  • Folder
All basic events like Add, Edit, and Delete are supported. All Actions like Add, Edit, and Delete are supported. All mutual available relations from Jama are supported.

Example Usecase of Jama Integrationa

An organization uses Jama Contour for Requirements management, HP ALM for Test Management and Bugzilla for Defect Management. When a Requirement is reviewed and approved in Contour, it automatically creates a Test Requirement in HPALM. Test Cases are developed and executed in HPALM. When a test execution fails it automatically creates a Defect in Bugzilla. The Requirement, Test Cases, Test Runs and Defects are linked to each other and can be viewed as a Traceability chain in Kovair.

When all the Test Cases for a Requirement are executed and related defects are “Fixed” the status of the Requirement in HP ALM and Contour automatically changes to ‘Implemented’.
Jama Integration with Other tools through Kovair Jama Integration with Other tools through Kovair

Note: The adapter as developed and offered by Kovair follows the subject tool’s standard specifications. Any deviations from the Tool’s typical use pattern may not have been anticipated in our off-the-shelf product. For any customization or special configuration needs, please contact Kovair Sales – sales@kovair.com