iRise Integration Adapter

Faster time-to-market is the key to success for every organization. With the adoption of agile development methods, and the end users or customers getting involved early into the production process, there is almost no scope for development error due to misrepresentation of user requirements and lack of collaborative visualization. Even the most complex and bigger user stories or features need to be well written so as to minimize subsequent development errors and thus shorten development lifecycle.

Features & Benefits

  • Exposes Requirement Prototypes in iRise to other requirements management, development and testing tools that are connected through the Kovair Omnibus
  • Gives direct access to iRise screen widgets or chapter through live links from within Jama
  • Makes Comments against associated components in iRise available in Jama or other tools
  • Provides real-time update of the interactive diagrams and prototypes in iRise to business users, developers, and testers in other tools
  • Enables teams to work on much informed and accurate Requirements/Features, thus avoiding confusions and rework for QA and engineering team
  • Allows business analysts to track and manage full set of requirements along with their prototypes from their tools of choice
  • Improves collaboration among BA, development and testing teams while discussing and validating requirements for further development steps

iRise is a rapid requirements prototyping tool that is designed from the ground up to support quick visualization and validation of requirements/user stories/features in a collaborative manner. With the help of rapid prototyping, the business rules, requirements as well as design and user experience details are communicated to all stakeholders, thus helping everyone to refer to the same source of information.

However, in an organization, both the requirement prototypes and the original user stories/ features/ requirements reside in two different tools which are difficult to manage, validate and work upon for subsequent development phases. The developers and testers working in their respective tools also have limited visibility to requirement mockups in iRise for which they develop codes and prepare test cases.

It is very important that all team members, including business analysts, designers, developers, testers, and customers have easy access to the requirements, user stories, their associated mockups, wireframes, and prototypes from within their own tool so that they get a 360-degree view of the entire system and share thoughts on a common goal.

Kovair Integration Support for iRise

Kovair Omnibus Integration Platform has come up with a bi-directional integration solution with iRise, wherein User Stories/Features/Requirements maintained in any requirements management tool like Kovair, Jama, Rally, DOORS and others can be made visible within iRise interface without requiring designers and engineers to navigate away from iRise – their preferred tool environment.

Kovair allows business users to add requirements in iRise from any RM tool, enables designers and engineers to create prototypes and interactive diagrams in iRise based on those requirements, and then synchronize those artifacts with development and testing tools. Thus the designers and engineers using iRise always remain updated with the latest version of the requirements and can create/alter the prototypes accordingly. Similarly, business users, developers and testers can also view the requirements and corresponding interactive visualizations in iRise from their own tools.

Kovair Omnibus with the help of its integration adapter/connector for iRise, exposes iRise object items like prototypes and linked Requirements to Kovair, and thereby Omnibus connected tools in the software development lifecycle.

Currently Kovair supports integration with iRise version 10.5.0.

Based on the architecture and business needs, Kovair exposes iRise ‘Requirements’ as artifacts along with Chapters, Folders and attachments – both system based and custom. The integration also supports sharing of iRise screens and widgets as URLs with other development stakeholders using multiple tools.

iRise Integration with different Requirements Management Tools through Kovair Omnibus

iRise Integration with different Requirements Management Tools

The integration ensures that early-stage artifacts are synchronized with the larger ALM process like development, issue tracking, testing and DevOps, and the teams are able to deliver applications with the right functionality and right user experience to meet business goals.

Sample Scenario – Jama and iRise Integration

In an organization, business users manage their user stories and features in Jama or any other RM tools and engineers use iRise for Rapid Prototyping of those complex user stories and features. Since the business users and the engineering teams are not in sync, the efficiency quotient of the projects is not at its level best. The designers and engineers do not have direct visibility to the requirements to be worked on, and the business analysts do not get easy access to requirement prototypes and associated comments that are getting built in iRise.

The organization needs seamless exchange of data between Jama and iRise so that any change made in either tool gets reflected in the other side in a real-time manner, keeping stakeholders on both sides updated.

Kovair’s bi-directional integration with iRise and Jama allows business users to add requirements/features of Jama to iRise as a Requirement under a predefined ‘Notes’ type chapter within iRise. User can also associate Jama User Story with each and any component of the prototypes within iRise. Once the relationship between requirements and prototypes are established within iRise, the link of iRise component gets automatically added to Requirements/ Features in Jama. The business users can click on the URL of iRise and view the prototype in detail from within Jama. Any comments made against any of those associated components in iRise also get synchronized with Jama against the User Stories.

Thus business users in Jama are always updated on the requirement prototypes being created and modified by engineers in iRise based on the user stories/ features added by them.