HCL AppScan Integration Adapter

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HCL AppScan is a web application security assessment suite that helps to identify and fix common web application vulnerabilities.

Kovair HCL AppScan Integration Adapter

‘Kovair HCL AppScan Adapter’ allows integration of HCL AppScan tool with best-of-breed 110+ tools in Omnibus ecosystem. As a result of the integration, entities and associated field get exposed to other tools that are integrated with the AppScan tool. Using the adapter, users can initiate a scan configuration from other tool environments and create jobs. The data generated after an application has been scanned can be rerouted by the user to other tools for further analysis and issue fixing, thereby enabling an application’s overall application performance to be improved faster.

Why Integrate HCL AppScan with Kovair

  • End-to-End Traceability: The adapter can expose entities and the data related to entities like Risk Rating, Business Impact, Testing Status, Max Severity, High Issues, etc. from AppScan to Kovair Omnibus. As a result of the integration, data can be made visible to other ALM tools that are integrated to Kovair platform
  • Data Analysis and Issue Fixing: Issues and security summary charts generated after an application configuration scan is complete; can be rerouted to defect tracking tool like JIRA for fixes and to other ALM tools for further analysis and report generation.
  • Uniform Configuration for Multi-tool Integration: Kovair HCL AppScan Adapter can integrate AppScan tool with other ALM Tools using a uniform Point and Click Configuration method guided by Kovair interactive UI.

Services Supported in Kovair HCL AppScan Adapter

Exposed EntitiesSupported EventsExposed RelationsCardinality
  • Applications
  • Issue
  • Jobs
  • Supports basic events like Add and Edit for all entities.
  • Applications to Issue.
  • Applications to Jobs.
  1. One-to-Many
  2. One-to-Many

Use Case Scenarios with Kovair HCL AppScan

Let us consider a typical use case scenario where the HCL AppScan tool is integrated with Kovair application using Kovair adapter for AppScan and Kovair Omnibus platform.

Use Case Scenarios with Kovair HCL AppScan

  • After a build gets triggered in Jenkins, source codes will be pulled from the source control repository (eg, GitHub).
  • Following build, automatic deployment process will begin (eg, in Chef) at the staging server.
  • After the deployment is complete, automated script execution will start with the help of a Test Management tool such as Selenium.
  • The role of AppScan comes during the test execution. The monitored results are then synced to Kovair Omnibus.


Note: The adapter as developed and offered by Kovair follows the subject tool’s standard specifications. Any deviations from the Tool’s typical use pattern may not have been anticipated in our off-the-shelf product. For any customization or special configuration needs, please contact Kovair Sales – sales@kovair.com

Features & Benefits

  • Synchronize data related to entities Application, Jobs, and Issues from AppScan tool to target tools.
  • Provides complete visibility of all application related job and issues from a single interface.
  • Point-to-Point configuration method guided by Kovair interactive UI to integrate HCL AppScan tool with other tools.
  • Supports direct trigger of events like Add and Edit.
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