GitHub Integration Adapter

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‘Kovair GitHub Adapter’ integrates GitHub Enterprise with other best-of-breed ALM tools and helps stakeholders remain up-to-date with latest file versions. is an enterprise cloud based hosting service, on which one can publish Git repositories and collaborate with people from distributed geographical locations. GitHub Enterprise is the on-premise version of Kovair integration supports both and GitHub Enterprise. The integration extracts information from GitHub into connected software applications through its adapter called ‘Kovair GitHub Adapter’. It allows the users to collaborate and comment during code review sessions, track changes that have been made, log issues and plan future projects.

Features & Benefits

  • Enables data synchronization between GitHub and Kovair ALM tools that are connected to the Omnibus integration platform.
  • View GitHub Commit Graph directly in the ALM platform.
  • Allows you to track code units corresponding to other artifacts, such as issues and change requests recorded in other integrated tools.
  • Provides forward and backward traceability of Repository, Branches, Commits, Files, File Versions and Issues with all related artifacts of other ALM tools.
  • The integration is focused on empowering the developer tools ecosystem. The adapter also provides a simple framework in which one can engage with developer tools companies who are building software on top of GitHub.
  • Integration with both Cloud based and On-Premise tools.
  • Zero-error synchronization through built-in reliability mechanisms.
  • Easy maintenance of structured eventaction based integration rules.
  • Support for transformation of data through formula expression builders.
  • End-to-end traceability across the artifacts and impact analysis.
  • Easy configuration through web based codeless configuration screens.

Kovair GitHub Integration Adapter

Kovair Omnibus Integration Platform supports both synchronization and federation of data. The users can use this functionality to expose the federated link for each of the file versions and file version histories that are being created by developers and uploaded into a GitHub repository. The users can view the details of the file and the actual code through the exposed federated link from within their own tools environment, that are connected to the same Omnibus Platform through their corresponding integration adapters.

GitHub Adapter Architecture Diagram
Fig: Architecture Diagram

Why Integrate GitHub With Kovair

Version Control

Kovair GitHub Adapter enables propagation of GitHub events to the other connected tools. Visibility is gained into specific files and file versions with respect to Requirement, Change Request or Issue. Hence, ALM users can view GitHub changes right from their preferred tool environment.

End-to-End Traceability

The integration of GitHub with other connected ALM tools ensures that any changes made to any of the files can be traced to identify the originating cause, whether it is a fix for a defect or an enhancement request.

Issue Management

Integration also provides access to the change information and associates the changes to the corresponding Issues being raised either in GitHub or in another connected Defect tracking tool.

Commit Graph

Compressive summary of yearly commits.

GitHub Integration Use Case

Using the Kovair GitHub Adapter, the users can view the difference between various file versions. The users also get a complete traceability between commits, files, file version and issues on each check-in. The integration goes a step ahead facilitating the development team to view file directly from GitHub in Kovair. The submitted defects are passed through automated workflows for analysis and validation. Through the integration users can also get a descriptive, human-readable error message for any failed build, so that one can easily troubleshoot what went wrong. This allows the manager to get the updates from Kovair Dashboard and act upon it. Managers can also see commit related graphs (generated in GitHub) in Kovair.

GitHub Adapter Architecture Diagram
Fig: GitHub Adapter Architecture Diagram

As shown in the architecture diagram below, through Kovair Omnibus integration with GitHub, one can have continuous build automation, defect tracking and consolidated reporting. Visibility is gained into specific files and file versions with respect to Requirement, Change Request or Defect. Hence, ALM users can view GitHub changes right from their preferred tool environment.