Git Integration Adapter

Kovair Integration Support for Git Suite

Git is an open source distributed version control system designed to handle everything from small to very large software applications development projects with speed and efficiency.

Kovair Omnibus has a complete integration with the Git Suite. So, users using only Git as an Enterprise SCM tool can use the integration to track and get the complete traceability. When a user pushes a change to GitHub site via Git command line, desktop apps, or, the Kovair adapter tracks all the changes and pushes the data to the bus in order to publish it to the other tools. It can also initiate automatic build using the integration bus. This provides the manager a complete view of the changes happening without requiring him/her to log into the SCM system.

Kovair also has integration with GitHub and Gerrit. So, software development organizations can also enjoy the benefits of using this integration by tracking changes, comment on lines of code, report issues, and then plan the future of their projects with other connected tools.

Kovair Integration with Git

Kovair has integration with Git through the Adapter named ‘Kovair Git Adapter’. Kovair integration with Git is a one- way integration, where data flows from Git to Omnibus. With the Git integration enabled, you can get all the basic information about Git operations. All information about File, File version and Comments can be pushed through the Omnibus framework to any other connected tools.

Omnibus integration allows one to expose the Federated link for each file version to any other supported tool. This facilitates direct viewing of the actual code file from a different tool such as HP ALM. With this integration in place, one can also create automatic builds in Jenkins or in other continuous integration tools.

Using Kovair Omnibus Integration framework users can have a complete traceability from Requirement to Build to Defect and the related file changes for each Defect. By integrating Git with Defect Management and Requirement Management tools through Omnibus, software development teams can easily collaborate on projects regardless of their geographical locations.

Kovair Integration Scenario with Git

Kovair Integration Scenario with Git

Using Kovair Omnibus integration users can have continuous build automation and consolidated reporting facility. Once a developer checks-in the code to Git, the framework fires the Build. It is not necessary to have the SCM server and Build server at a common location.; The Build sever can be located remotely in a different network. The Developer can also view the Build results from within popular IDEs using the Omnibus Plug-ins for Eclipse or RAD.